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Wedding bouquet flowers are among the most carefully composed visual elements on your special day. And while you probably spent your childhood wavering between peonies and roses, the creative and innovative bouquets brides have carried in recent years has us rethinking the bouquet norm. Some ephemeral and most long-lasting, these bouquets feature natural elements like feathers, star sparkly brooches, or even do double duty as a post-ceremony snack. These stunning bridal bouquets may not be made of real flowers—or be for everyone—but they are a special opportunity to present an even more personal and unique reflection of you.

Brooch bouquet

This is a stunning way to bring your families’ past into your future as a couple—and a nice, quiet way to include a variety of family members in your ceremony. If your family is short on heirloom brooches, pick your way through the jewelry areas at estate and yard sales to yield an eclectic and sentimental arrangement. We love the vivid colors of this bouquet, but using all one color, especially clear or light color crystals, would look streamlined and sophisticated while going down the aisle.

Book bouquet

Book lovers won’t be able to resist this classy bouquet comprised of pages from a beloved book. We’ve spied these at the weddings of several Harry Potter lovers, but any book will do. Alternating large and small flowers gives the bouquet a rich, full look.

Feather bouquet

We love the natural yet glamorous look of a feather bouquet. Bonus: It’s much lighter than traditional flower bouquets! The muted colors in this arrangement are eye-catching, yet understated. More flamboyant brides could choose a riot of brightly colored feathers. Whatever the color scheme, make sure your chosen feathers are sustainably sourced..

Seashell bouquet

A seashell bouquet is an obvious (and gorgeous!) choice for a beach wedding, but we also like to think landlubbers could incorporate their love of the ocean by carrying one of these down the aisle. Being close to the ocean always seems to make us relax and this calming arrangement has the same effect. We love how textured these bouquets look when a combination of shells are used, and the subtle variegations in the colors of the shells make for a picturesque and subtle nod to different floral shades.

Sheet music bouquet

Making flowers out of sheet music is a beautiful and crafty way to give your loved one private wink, especially when you choose the music from your special song. The cream paper that the music is printed on adds a feminine, romantic vibe. Love to DIY? Dye your sheet music a light pink or red for a dramatic display.

Succulent bouquet

These days, succulents are a popular decorating choice, but these magical-looking plants also make a sturdier, less fussy choice for bridal bouquets. You can intersperse flowers with the succulents, but with so many varieties, you can create a diverse arrangement comprised only of these desert-friendly plants.

Butterfly bouquet

A playful butterfly bouquet adds a fun and fanciful feel to a wedding. Whether the butterflies are arranged in a more traditional rounded shape or cascade down naturally, this arrangement brings an appreciation of the natural world and a child-like wonder (so don’t be surprised if your flower girl snags it!).

Herb bouquet

Sweet and simple—and delicious-smelling, too. Choosing herbs such as dried lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary lends a natural and earthy vibe to a wedding processional. An added bonus? The herb’s scent can help relax or energize the bride as she carries them.

Vegetable bouquet

Who knew greens could be so gorgeous? Making bouquets from vegetables and fruits has become trendier as of late, and it’s easy to see why. These romantic-looking bouquets are affordable, can be dramatic or understated, and are fun to personalize for both creative and classic brides. Seriously, did you ever think mushrooms could be so poetic?

Felted flower bouquet

Felt florals are a gorgeous way to create (or buy) a wedding bouquet that will last as long as your marriage does! Preparing and personalizing your bouquet in advance is easy (and doesn’t require pricey flowers imported from across the globe).

Pine cone bouquet

Formal flowers can look out of place at a rustic wedding. Get inspired by the natural surroundings with pine cones or other environmental elements, like wheat or cotton blossoms. The careful composition of this dramatic arrangement is key for transforming humble conifers, dried plants, and other found bits of nature into something surprisingly sophisticated.

Pinwheel bouquet

A pinwheel makes for an adorable and playful bouquet, especially for a more casual outdoor affair. Use a single pinwheel or bunch together a few for a more traditional look. Choosing different paper prints (or maps of places of personal sentimental value) makes a pinwheel bouquet a perfect opportunity to incorporate other color and design elements of the wedding day.

Yarn ball bouquet

Another bouquet for the crafty bride: A bouquet made of yarn balls and knitted flowers. Choose muted colors for a more classic, traditional looking bouquet or pick your favorite bright shades! It almost goes without saying that after the event, the bride could use the yarn from the bouquet to make a special heirloom craft to pass down to the next generation.