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I have this thing with floors. One of my favorite things happen to be black and white floors. They’re classic, timeless, and more often than not, accessible at all price points. Now that’s a design decision that I can get behind!

A patterned black and white ceramic tile is a great alternative to a plain white floor. It keeps the space from looking dirty or stained, and helps conceal any flaws. Perfect for high traffic areas such as, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways.

More to spend? A fabulous black and white marble mosaic is just the answer. No matter how you style it, the pattern and the contrast of black and white floors make for an interesting and classic space.

Ditch the tiles and paint your way to the floors of your dreams! Stenciling black and white checks or stripes on your floor is a big game changer, with a small cost.

Can’t quite make the commitment? Try a cool black and white striped rug on your floors and see how it fits with your aesthetic. Sometimes a test drive is just the push you need to make up your mind!