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Since May bike sales have skyrocketed. This is partially due to the normal shift in seasons—the weather is warming up and people want to be outside—but this year biking seems to be an especially popular way to get around, as many are still wary of public transportation. 

If you’re one of the lucky few who snagged a two-wheeler before the surge, you’re probably looking for ways to upgrade your ride. Helmets, bike locks, and the right apparel are all important to ensure you’re traveling  safely—here are our favorite accessories on the market right now.

Bike, Blu Dot X Handsome ($559)

Most two-wheelers are sold out, but if you’re still looking for your main ride, here’s our favorite option. With a leather Brooks saddle and matte powder-coated body, this bike will get you where you need to go in style. And the best part? For every bike sold, one is also donated to the World Bike Relief Fund, which works to bring affordable transportation to rural communities. 


Helmet by Closca, Closca ($135)

It’s 2020, so it should come as no surprise that bike helmets have gotten a major upgrade. Deemed “the first foldable helmet,” Closca’s collapsible style is perfect for storing in a backpack or bag, and uses an NFC chip to learn your information, call an emergency contact in case of an accident, and even unlock a Citi Bike.  

Bicycle Basket by Goodee, Goodee ($75)

Handwoven in Ghana from locally sourced straw, a basket this chic instantly elevates your bike setup. Use it to carry work materials, snacks for a picnic, or the book you plan to read in the park.

Classic Bicycle Bell by Kickstand Cycleworks, Amazon ($15)

These bells come in every shade of the rainbow, and one ring will let fellow riders and drivers know you’re approaching. Just pick your candy-colored hue and never have another close call again.  

Sutro Sunglasses by Oakley, Oakley ($166)

While outside, it’s important to protect your eyes and keep your vision clear. These performance lenses are designed specifically to enhance color and contrast so you don’t miss a detail.


KryptoLok U-Lock by Kryptonite, Backcountry ($52)

Cruising is all fun and games until your ride goes mysteriously missing. Protect your bike with a deadbolt-designed U-lock to ensure it’s always right where you parked it. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 11.09.09 AM
TechSweat Flex Shorts by Outdoor Voices, Outdoor Voices ($45)

When it comes to any kind of physical activity, don’t sleep on comfort. High-rise active shorts with a flexible waistband and storage pocket for your house key or an extra hair band will make your journey all the more enjoyable. 

Active Tumbler by Kinto, Kinto ($43)

Think of your on-the-go water bottle as your personal hydration station. This powder-coated stainless steel tumbler keeps drinks cold for up to six hours, ensuring your thirst is always quenched. 

Aluminum Water Bottle Cage by Planet Bike, REI ($5)

If your basket is full, attach an aluminum cage to your bike’s frame to hold your water bottle on the go. 


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