Published on February 21, 2015

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Photography by DAVID LAND

keep it simple

Start with a neutral color scheme and add in bright pops of color. For furniture, choose practical pieces with multiple points of functionality. 

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divide it up

An flowy drape in a basic tone permits a flood of natural light while maintaining a simply chic aesthetic.

How to decorate while keeping form and function in mind. 

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work the walls

Create a visually enhanced space by opting for a gallery wall of mirrors in lieu of art. 
Bonus points for an eclectic collection of vintage finds!

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Photography by ISAGER DITTE

make a "wall"

Back-to-back shelving provides the perfect barrier between conjoined areas, with the added bonus of additional shelf space!

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Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

color code

Skip the wall paint and fill your space with color in the form of decor. Designate the most vibrant shade to the room's focal point, with a subtle flow of hues transitioning throughout the rest of the space. 

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change things up

When working with limited square footage, it can be tempting to exile the bed to a corner of the room. Experiment with unconventional arrangements and you just might be surprised with the outcome!

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Photography by SIMON UPTON

blur the lines

When your living room, kitchen, and bedroom are all in one, this clever color-blocking makes for the best divider.

How to layer with color and patterns

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Photography by SIMON UPTON

go dark and moody
Blues rule in this cozy space, where a vibrant wall color is all you'll need.