The Coolest, Newest Tech Your Home Needs This Holiday Season

15 gadgets you’ll want to gift to yourself.

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We’re all about making your house (or

tiny apartment

!) feel like a home, which includes the coolest, newest technology. So in preparation of the holiday season, we rounded up our favorite new tech gadgets. They’re chic, useful, and totally giftable. Keep reading to discover this year’s must-buy—and must-wish for—gifts.

Crosley Though Crosley is anything but new, this is a great gift for anyone who refuses to listen to music on a portable speaker and has a genuine love for vinyls. Or, on the other hand, for your favorite millennial who knows nothing about vinyls, but has the potential to fall in love with them.

Lifeprint Pictures do not do this new gadget (that launched 11/2) justice. You have to see it to believe it, which can easily be accomplished by watching this short video. Essentially, you take a video, print a polaroid-looking still photo from the video, and download the Lifeprint app. From there, every time you view the photo through the app, you can watch your live video. Put plain and simple, it’s magic. Bonus: You can send photos to friends and relatives’ printers (with their permission), so it’s even more fun to use with people separated by long distances.

instax mini 70

You already know and love the Fujifilm’s Instax® polaroid cameras, but their Mini 70 model is a new and improved version of what you’ve seen before. It’s available in six colors, has a selfie mode, and has an impressive auto exposure. There is also a new printer available that prints photos from your phone to get the classic Instax look.

SWITCH Luxury Bluetooth Speaker This tall, wireless speaker blends in with any style of design. Whether you opt for the white, black and copper, or punchier emerald, the receiver of this gift is bound to be thrilled.

HUROM Rose Gold H-AA Slow Juicer Yep, you can now juice your fruits and veggies in a rose gold-finished juicer. Buy it for the friend who is constantly leaving their juicer out on the counter—it will be an accessory, not a mess!

Luma We’ve all experienced wifi dead zones in our homes. And it’s basically the worst! Give the gift of a better Internet connection to a loved one in need with Luma. You can monitor kids’ access and get three devices to place around your home.

Illuminator Phone Lens By now, we’re all familiar with the illuminating phone case, but what if you just want your perfect selfie lighting to be more stealth? (And not displayed on your phone case!) Meet the illuminator phone lens, perfect for teens or those plagued by bad lighting in their rental apartment.

Wakeup Light This light makes waking up less awful – guaranteed. Buy for a friend or family member who opts for blackout curtains, has little to no natural light in their bedroom, or is consistently running late each morning. There is a model with a radio for those who need more than soothing, natural sounds to coax them out of bed. The light works to gradually wake you up like natural light would.

On The Go Selfie Kit Avoid a fiasco at your family holiday gathering and bring an “on the go selfie kit” as your Secret Santa present. It uses bluetooth technology (and a cute key chain!) to help set up the perfect selfie—big groups included.

Joy Album Digital photo frames are nice, but what happens when you want to stop and reminisce about a memory and the frame moves on too quickly? Enter the Joy Album. It’s quite literally, a very cool digital photo album. Keep in on your coffee table this holiday season for great family fodder. (There’s also a LOT of storage, which we all love.)

Amazon Echo Though the Amazon Echo, better known as “Alexa”, is not new, our love for this device grows deeper and deeper with each passing month it’s by our side. You can ask it to do just about anything for you, including playing music from a variety of streaming services, telling you the weather, and helping you learn more about whisky. Give to your loved one who has always wanted (or needs!) a personal assistant.

June Oven Look to the June Oven for your foodie friends. You can monitor the cooking progress of your food via your iPhone, with features like temperature control and a live video stream. This countertop oven also recommends a cooking program and can fit pans up to 11×16 inches. Did we mention it’s also chic? (We’re sold.)

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer This Dyson hair dryer is worth the steep price tag. It’s extremely lightweight, (actually) very quiet, and by using the cool, complicated technology that makes your favorite Dyson vacuum cleaner so amazing, there is no damage done to your hair. Needless to say, it’s the perfect gift for your beauty-obsessed family and friends.

The Omega Juice Cube Omega gets that you shouldn’t have to allot an entire cupboard to your juicer, so they designed a new model that stores within itself. We know a lot about smart storage, but that’s SMART. Gift to your health-minded loved one who has a really, really tiny apartment.


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