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If you’ve ever felt desperate when faced with a swatch book of white or beige hues, you’re definitely not alone: The variations between shades can be subtle and hard to differentiate. If only someone could point you in the right direction—or 800-plus someones. Well, it just so happens that Havenly’s network of designers, plus its internal corporate design team, all of whom complete hundreds of thousands of designs annually, weighed in on the debate. And for best neutral paint color, they selected On Point from Clare. “It’s a tried-and-true, loved by both clients and designers alike,” explains Melissa Wagner, a Havenly design project manager.

For Vivian Torres, one of Havenly’s lead designers, finding a neutral hue that complements both warm and cool palettes without making spaces feel too stuffy or outdated can be challenging. “On Point has that certain versatility that I often need to strike the right balance,” she notes. What makes it so adaptable? “This color is the best of both worlds. Bright and crisp during the day, while still feeling warm and inviting as the sun goes down,” explains Brady Burke, another lead designer.

beige white paint blob
On Point, Clare Paint ($69)

For all the nominees, Havenly’s pros considered the quality of the product—Does it apply easily? Is it washable and does it have a low odor?—as well as how a color is perceived by their clients. The cherry on top: On Point is a zero-VOC paint, so not only is it safe for you, it’s a better alternative for the planet.

And with Clare’s recent launch of exterior finishes, you can take it beyond your kitchen cabinets and living room walls: your siding and window trim can enjoy this designer-approved update, too.