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When it comes to beauty, Pinterest can be a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s kind of BS, but then you go and find a brilliant trick and it restores your faith in the social platform. We pulled through what felt like every single Pinterest page (send us your well wishes and kind words!) to find the tips, tricks, and hacks that blew our minds—and actually worked.

Static Free Hair

If you are prone to static-y hair (And who isn’t in winter thanks to slick coats and fuzzy hats?), put a dryer sheet through the bristles of your brush, so when you comb through hair, your strands will glide past the sheet, and you’ll have static-free hair all day long.

Seventh Generation Dryer Sheet, Jet.com, $4.44

Pin It

Not all bobby pins were created equal, in fact, there are jumbo pins and regular pins and mini pins and hair pins… but for almost all of these, you should be using the “bobby buddy system” to get their max effectiveness, meaning use two at a time. Either making an X with two crossing pins or having one face left and the one under it face right.

Drop in the Ocean Bobby Pin Set, Anthropologie, $28

Spray ‘Em, Too

Want those bobby pins to really stay in place (of course you do!)? Line them up on a paper towel and spray them with hairspray. Now that they are slightly tacky from the spray, they will stay exactly where you put them.

Essential Bobby Pin Set, Anthropologie, $12

Get Tidy

Always searching for a hair tie and they’re scattered on the bottom of every purse you own? Same. Try using a climbing tool, specifically a carabiner, which will keep all hair ties in one tidy place. A loose key ring works as well!

I swear by a little Limoges porcelain dish for this, too. But love the idea of a tiny carabiner while on the go for a few hair ties that always seem to be missing. It’s kind of cool normcore, too, right?

Black Diamond Carabiner, REI, $11.95

Clean Up

Cleaning your hairbrushes lands under one of our least favorite things to do (or maybe we’ve never done it? eeckkk), but thanks to product and hair buildup, it is important to do. And your nice brush will look 100 percent better on your nightstand when all that excess hair is disposed. Don’t worry though, cleaning your brush is easier than you’d think. Grab a wide tooth comb and run it under the bristles to pull out the hair. Then put warm water in a bowl, and a little bit of mild dishwashing soap, get it foamed up and swish the brush around in it. Wash off excess soap and let it dry bristle side down. Your hair, scalp, and vanity will be so much happier afterwards.

Yves Durif Brush, Violet Grey, $65

Repair Overnight

Thank you, Lauren Conrad, for this handy reminder about repairing hair overnight. Smooth a leave-in conditioner onto locks before you sleep, then put on a shower cap for overnight, or a towel over your pillowcase to keep them clean. In the morning, wake up to shiny, soft strands. Applying it in the evening gives treatment more time to penetrate into your hair cuticles for optimum moisture. We love this trick for our favorite hair masks, but turns out you can also do this with coconut oil for a natural choice.

Silke London Hair Wrap, Anthropologie, $60

5-Minute Beach Waves

Bless you, PopSugar, for this very handy tip. Get beach waves without a curling iron (or the ocean) by simply taking damp hair (ideally sprayed with a beach spray, too, for texture) and twisting it away from your face while blow drying. You can either do it in section twists for each side, or if it’s long enough, split hair into two, and twist it into one big twist for each side. Pro tip: Keep hair in those twists after drying for a few minutes until they are cooled. It’ll make sure the twists last much, much longer.

T3 Cura Ionic Hair Dryer, T3, $200

Do the Hair Twist

I’m partial to this one, guys, because I did this hack for eight years from the ages of 15 to 23, and IT WORKS. It works so well. Take slightly damp hair, slide a headband on (ideally an elastic one) like you would a tiara—over your forehead and hair. Take a section of hair, twist it and loop the twist around and through the headband until the strand is entirely wrapped around your head. Keep doing that with each twist of hair until you’re out of hair. Sleep on it and shake out your hair in the a.m. The trick to mastering this is to test out the exact amount of hair to use in each twist—bigger twist for looser curls, tighter twists for smaller—until you find the one that’s right for you.

Goody Slideproof Wide Headbands

, Bed Bath & Beyond, $5.99

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