The Best Deep-Pocket Sheets Let You Stop Wrestling With Those Pesky Corners

They slip right on and stay put.
Deep Pocket Sheets

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There’s nothing quite like the annoyance that arises when you’ve cozied into bed for the night only to discover the corners of your fitted sheet creeping up. Insert exasperated sigh—and middle-of-the-night tug-of-war—here. This is where the best deep-pocket sheets come in. Unlike regular sheets, they are specifically sized up for deep mattresses. Standard sizes, even with an added mattress protector, usually range from 9 to 13 inches.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear industry standard for regular versus deep- versus extra-deep-pocket sheets, so this is when paying attention to the tags really matters. If you want to spend more time lounging and less time wrestling, shop our picks for the best deep-pocket sheets to fit (and stay fitted) on your mattress.

Our Favorites

Best Value: Southshore Fine Linens Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

Best Value

Material: 110 GSM microfiber | Depth: 21 inches | Starting price: $33 

What we like:

  • Wide range of colors
  • Softer-than-cotton microfiber material

Worth noting:

  • Extra-deep depth

Why we chose it: We’re excited that this already low price tag is actually for four pieces in a set.

Deep mattresses generally cost more than standard ones because you’re paying for more material. Thankfully you can splurge on that and save on the sheets with this wallet-friendly pick. Not only does Southshore’s version come in a rare range of 18 colors, it includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases—a steal for its low price across all sizes. It is worth noting that the 21 inches is considered extra deep, so if your deep mattress is on the shorter side (around 14 inches), you might have too much fabric to tuck under. But wouldn’t you rather have too much of a good thing than too little?

Best Extra-Deep: Avocado Green Deep Pocket Organic Cotton Sheets Set

Best extra deep

Material: 100% cotton | Depth: 22 inches | Starting price: $169

What we like:

  • 600 thread count
  • GOTS-certified organic cotton

Worth noting:

  • Individual pieces can’t be purchased separately
  • Only 2 colors available

Why we chose it: These extra-deep-pocket sheets are practically guaranteed to fit over any mattress size.

A 22-inch depth in the world of fitted sheets is like a good pair of vintage Levi’s—that is, hard to come by. Most of our favorite, tried-it-tested-it brands simply don’t make sheets that tall, so we were excited to discover that Avocado Green (which makes mattresses we love; examples here and here) sells a deep-pocket sheet with this depth. ​​The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases; just note that the twin and twin XL only come with one pillowcase. With a GOTS stamp of approval certifying organic cotton from India, you can sleep soundly knowing what’s touching your skin won’t bunch up or slip off if you’re tossing or turning through the night. It should be noted that pieces aren’t sold separately, so you’ll have to buy an entirely new set if one gets ruined. However, Avocado has a 100-day warranty and 100-night trial, so you can really settle in and test this pick out before committing.

Best Mid-Deep: Flax Home Fitted Sheet

Best mid-deep

Material: 100% European stonewashed linen | Depth: Varies | Starting price: $95

What we like:

  • Oeko-Tex–certified linen
  • Bright, punchy colors

Worth noting:

  • Only the queen and king sizes have a depth of 17 inches

Why we chose it: With a depth that’s right in the middle, these sheets will cover most deep mattress sizes.

Most brands’ standard sizes already cover depths up to 15 inches, and deep-pocket sheets are generally for any mattress over 14 inches. While a few brands make sheets over 20 inches, we wanted to find some middle ground and landed on Flax Home, a Canadian, female-founded bedding company. It only uses linen for its bedding and makes sheets in an elusive depth of 17 inches; this means they will most likely fit your mattress unless you have an extra-deep size. It should be noted that only the queen and king sizes have this depth (the twin XL and full have a depth of 15 inches, and the twin has a depth of 14 inches; all of these sizes are generally quantified as deep-pocket sheets). So while you might need to pay extra attention to the sizing, it’ll be worth it for Flax Home’s colors. They’re some of the punchier solids we’ve found on the market.

Best Organic: Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale Fitted Sheets

Best Organic

Material: 100% organic cotton | Depth: 15 inches | Starting price: $98 

What we like:

  • GOTS-certified cotton
  • An alternative to linen for sleepers who run hot

Worth noting:

  • May feel rough out of the package

Why we chose it: These organic percale sheets, which have a history of ranking high on our shopping list, will fit most tall mattresses.

As much as we love linen, it’s usually a spendy investment (though, we’ll add, one we wouldn’t regret making). For those who love the effortlessly rumpled look of the material but appreciate a bit of cost savings, these organic percale sheets deliver on both style and quality. Coyuchi continues to top our lists of the best sheets (see: here and here), so we were happy to learn their pockets run deep enough, up to 15 inches, for most tall mattresses. When it comes to high standards for its fabrics, Coyuchi covers all the bases. It’s GOTS certified for its organic and chemical-free fiber; Made Safe to confirm zero toxicity; Fair Trade to ensure sustainable and equitable relationships with its partners; and 1% for the Planet, which promises proceeds benefiting Fibershed, a nonprofit organization dedicated to regenerating the lands from which Coyuchi’s materials are grown. One thing to note is that percale may feel a tiny bit rough right out of the package, though nothing that’ll keep you up at night. The sheets soften over time with every wash, achieving that lived-in vibe that feels as expensive as its counterparts.

Best Modern Prints: Schoolhouse Gingham Sheet Set

Best Modern Prints

Material: 100% percale cotton | Depth: 16 inches | Starting price: $159

What we like:

  • Simple, vibrant prints
  • Depth of 16 inches for all sizes

Worth noting:

  • Only comes in a set

Why we chose it: Cheerful gingham, plus a host of other patterns, will have you changing up those single-hue sheets.

Even though fitted sheets aren’t usually seen when the bed is completely made, we love a pop of pattern anyway. (It’s like you’re in on a little secret.) Schoolhouse is known for its playful use of colors throughout its product line, and its bedding is no exception. While classic white sheets will always be timeless, this Kelly green gingham is arguably much more charming and, as Schoolhouse calls it, just as “era defying.” If green doesn’t match your bedroom’s style, the brand also has a cheerful yellow thistle print, a poppy dot print, and a classic plus print in navy. Each is available in all four standard sizes—twin, full, queen, and king—so there’s no need to check specifics.

How We Chose These Products

Sizes can vary brand to brand when it comes to the depth of mattresses and sheets, so we tapped Jessica Hann, senior vice president of brand marketing and sustainability at Avocado, to weigh in on sizing. From there, we looked to tried-and-true brands that already make some of our favorite bedding, keeping an eye on material, returns and trials, and eco-certifications. While luxury sheets are definitely worth the splurge, we made sure to include a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on quality. Finally, we looked high and low for deep-pocket sheets that add a bit of color and pattern to the bedroom without looking dated.

Our Shopping Checklist

Pocket Height

The first thing you should check before buying sheets is the pocket height, which corresponds to your mattress height. Anything below 14 inches qualifies as standard, so your regular sheets should suffice. According to Hann, once things go over 14 inches you’re in deep-pocket territory. And you’ll know if you need extra-deep-pocket sheets if your mattress height hovers around the 25-inch mark.

Material and Weave

Like regular sheets, deep-pocket sheets are available in different materials so that you can stay comfortable according to your preferences, as well as in different seasons throughout the year. Linen and cotton are ideal for warmer weather, while flannel and microfiber help you stay warm when the temperature drops. You’ll also want to consider the weave of the fabric, which can help you make your choice. Cool sleepers might prefer sateen sheets; the three- or four-over-one weave helps seal in warmth. If you run hot, percale is a great choice because it feels light and airy, plus it’s moisture wicking.

Colors and Patterns

What can we say, aesthetics matter to us. We love finding options that include hard-to-find colors and fun, modern prints that instantly add style to a space. We made it a point to include sheets that addressed both of these aesthetic qualities.

Ask Domino

Q: Do I really need deep-pocket sheets?

Sizing can be tricky, because even if your mattress is 14 inches tall and the tag on your sheets says that it accommodates mattresses up to 15 inches high, you still have to consider external factors. If your teen’s mattress sinks in deep, that’ll play a role in loose corners slipping off when they inevitably cannonball into it. Do you have a mattress protector? That adds to the height. This is why deep-pocket sheets are great for mattresses both standard and deep. You always want more fabric to tuck under your bed than less.

Q: What size mattresses do deep-pocket sheets fit?

According to Hann, deep-pocket sheets are best for mattresses over 14 inches high (it never hurts to reiterate). Mattresses that are shorter than that are typically industry standard and don’t require deep-pocket sheets. She also notes that 25 inches is “an extremely rare mattress size,” one that requires extra deep pockets. At 22 inches, Avocado Green’s deep-pocket sheets will fit most of those premier mattresses.

Q: If I switch out my deep mattress for a standard one, can I still use my deep-pocket sheets?

Yes! “Deep-pocket sheets will still cover a standard mattress; however, due to the height difference, there may be more excess fabric you’ll need to fold underneath the mattress,” Hann advises.

The Last Word

The bedroom should be a stress- and hassle-free space where you can retreat to after a long day, so ill-fitting sheets have no place there. Doing a quick measure of your mattress depth and paying close attention to the dimension of your sheets will lead to happy slumbers and pleasant wake-ups—when you see that your sheets really did stay on all night.