Published on August 26, 2018

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You already buy everything on Amazon. Between its professional-grade skincare products to Bonsai trees to your favorite fast food vice to even a tiny home, there’s almost nothing the e-retail giant doesn’t sell… and it usually comes with a neat little bonus of free expedited shipping. A world where you can feed your Nutella habit by getting tubs of it delivered directly to your doorstep? What a time to be alive!

But despite the fact that Amazon has fast become a one-stop shop for literally everything in recent years, for some reason people can be hesitant to shop for their home on the site.

Maybe it’s because physically going into a brick-and-mortar store to try out the different sofas makes for a more confident purchase.

Or maybe it’s because people don’t have time to comb through the literal thousands of products available on Amazon—it’s remarkably easy to get sucked into a black hole and wind up panic-buying things you don’t need. It’s how you ended up with something called a “cookie spoon”, allegedly a gadget that will revolutionize your Oreo-dipping experience but something that really just looks like a tool used at a dentist’s office.

Whatever the case, it’s time to dismiss your wariness about purchasing larger decor pieces and furniture from Amazon. Aside from the fact that the retailer launched two in-house design lines late last year (one, Rivet, focuses on mid-century modern pieces ideal for smaller spaces; the other, Stone & Beam is all about fresh farmhouse finds), there is a plethora of cool brands and of-the-moment trends waiting to be discovered.

And in the interest of saving you time from weeding through page after page of mid-century modern coffee tables—trust us, it’s a Sisyphean task—we’ve narrowed down the retailer’s offerings to a few design-forward, uber-chic finds no one would be able to guess hail from the depths of Amazon. Read on for your ultimate furniture shopping list.

Somehow both simple and sophisticated at the same time, this floor lamp looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. This can be directly attributed to its makeup: A sleek antique brass finish juxtaposed with a marble base makes for quite the luxe-looking piece. Its narrow silhouette makes it particularly perfect for small spaces or entryways, where square footage is of the utmost importance. Easy to put together (according to the reviews) and full of character, this light fixture is one purchase you won’t regret.

And speaking of luxe, we need to talk about these chairs. Why have flimsy little Ikea chairs (sorry, Ikea) when you can deck out your dining room or kitchen table with emerald green velvet options that look more like formal armchairs than table accoutrements? The earthy “cactus” green hue is striking—though the deep navy colorway is also a great option—and will definitely elevate the look of any space, whether it’s a real dining room or just a breakfast nook.

You might not be able to tell from the photos, but the legs aren’t the standard brassy mid-century modern you might expect from a velvet chair. Instead, they’re a simple wood finish; which means you can keep them as is or get creative with a DIY. Try a bright, contrasting hue for a more modern, playful look, or paint the legs to match your table.

Try your hand at the perennial favorite that is Scandinavian design with this pared back one-drawer desk. Upgrade your home office with this sleek piece, which is easy to assemble and has plenty of room for people who casually work from home every now and then or don’t need a ton of surface space. Worried about storage? While this piece may lack an abundance of drawers, there’s a slew of smaller, affordable desk organization ideas you can (and should) commandeer to make the most of your new workspace.

If you don’t need an office space, this item works equally well as an entryway console of sorts. Uglier utilitarian items can be safely tucked away in the drawer, allowing you to display your favorite accessories on top to greet visitors as they walk in the door.

On the pricier side (for Amazon, at least), but this cool coffee table is well worth the splurge. Sturdy and built to last, the table will ground your room and be useful for years to come. Reclaimed elm wood adds a gorgeous, almost rustic edge to the product, while sleek bronze finishing makes it feel a little more sophisticated.

If the price is daunting but you love the design, it also comes as a console table and a side table, both of which are considerably cheaper than the coffee table size.

Tapered legs? Check. Classic mid-century silhouette? Check. Velvety green finish? Check. This bench-style sofa has all the makings of a classic retro piece, minus the wear and tear that comes with purchasing said classic retro piece secondhand. There’s plenty of room on this to curl up and binge-watch your favorite design shows for days on end.

If you are of the school of thought that dictates every item in your home should be art, you need more from your lighting than a run of the mill sconce. Turn to something more sculptural, like this wooden pendant light featuring a cool black caged design. Designed by The Novogratz, it’s inspired by factory lighting and that classic turn-of-the-century industrial look. Adjustable, dimmable, and uber affordable (it’s under $35), it’s the perfect finishing touch for a dining room or kitchen.

No closet, no problem. There are heaps of ways to display your favorite accessories and store your bulkier items if you don’t have that coveted built-in storage; though not ideal, even the tiniest apartment is manageable.

One way to hack your closet problem? Pick up some kind of hanging contraption on which to hang your bulkier coats and jackets. Yamazaki Home is great at making sleek, contemporary finds for the minimalist decorator, and fortunately some of their products are available on Amazon—including this one, which is under $100 with free shipping. Your most organized apartment yet is one click away.

If you have the space for one, your living room needs an accent chair. Not only in the name of extra seating, but also to round out the space and make it feel complete. One look at this down-filled, cream-colored armchair and you’ll want to sink right into it. And yet, despite its elegant, polished look, this piece is actually well-suited for family life too: Crafted out of stain-resistant fabric and a durable hardwood frame, it’ll survive daily usage and come out looking fabulous.

Whether you use this tufted daybed to complete your entryway or at the foot of your bed to make your bedroom feel more upscale, its chic design is guaranteed to make a statement. Small space dwellers who don’t have an entryway and can barely fit an actual bed into their bedrooms will appreciate it, too: While not the most practical sleeping option long-term, it’s a smart seating piece that can accommodate overnight guests (or afternoon naps) in a pinch. Not everyone has a guest room.

We’re all being more transparent with our design lately, given the resurgence of acrylic and lucite furniture in the marketplace. This simple, mod coffee table puts your favorite photo books and other decorative touches on full display. Typically, lucite pieces can run a bit expensive, so this under-$200 option is wallet-friendly without sacrificing style or quality.

If you’re still riding the millennial pink train, you need this chair. Granted, it’s more of a dusty rose than a pale blush, but either way the trendy color seems to be here to stay so why not try it out? While technically described as a dining room chair, the winged back and plush material make it just as suited for a reading nook or office space.

Minimalists, we found your coffee table. The ash brown wood paired with the clean circular style make for a simple but stylish piece that’ll act as the anchor for your living room. Sometimes the most basic things make the biggest statement, and this table—with its classic mid-century modern design and cool charcoal hue—is definitive proof of that.

Can’t get enough of the geometric trend? Use this end table, which boasts a pink and white mosaic triangle pattern, to sate your obsession. It’s a different kind of geometric accent table that pits the trend against a more classic backdrop of solid wood and brass.

Yellow—the standout color of last summer that seems like it’ll be sticking around for some time—makes quite a splash in pretty much any capacity you use it. Vibrant, cheery, and definitely statement-making, it’s an easy way to infuse some personality into any space with minimal effort. A simple yet stylish mid-century sofa in a muted stone hue? Pretty, but ordinary. Turn that neutral into a bright citron shade, and you’ve got an instant focal piece for your living room.

Whether you choose to pair your new yellow centerpiece with other like-colored objects for a cool monochrome look or use it to bring some edge into an otherwise subdued, minimalist room, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous (and surprisingly affordable) find.

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