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While you’re sure to find us surfing Amazon for unique gifts, we’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t exactly our go-to destination for furniture. Even so, we aren’t above dropping a purchase in our carts when we discover one of the infamous e-tailer’s hidden gems. You know the kind: reasonably priced, positively reviewed pieces that look deceivingly expensive and on trend. Unearthing these diamonds in the virtual rough boils down to possessing free time, patience, and the right search terms—and we’re here to help you with the latter of those three.

To better equip you on your hunt for the best Amazon furniture, we’ve outlined a guide of our editors’ go-to keywords. These hot-button phrases include brands, both in-house exclusives and cool names you didn’t know Amazon carried; quality materials, like solid wood and durable metal; and buzzy trends, from modular sofas to bouclé armchairs. The insider tips along with accompanying product picks await you, below.

Our Top Amazon Search Tips

The Best Cool Brands to Search on Amazon


This iconic Italian furniture brand is all over Domino home tours and, frequently, the storage-filled Componibili takes center stage. The side table/storage unit was originally introduced in the 1960s and remains a timeless design classic with two- and three-container configurations available on Amazon. Other highlights include the Upper step ladder, a favorite step stool of ours; Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck; and the Air du Temps table clock, among others.

Yamazaki Home

Carried by Domino favorites Food52 and West Elm, among others, the beloved Japanese home goods company holds perhaps the widest range of offerings within its official Amazon storefront. The popular brand is a boon for affordably priced organizing essentials that look stylistically minimalist but function at maximum capacities, such as barely noticeable dish-drying racks, rolling storage carts with super-slender frames, and futuristic toiler paper stockers. The products are typically made from durable metals or plastics with the occasional light wood accents awash in either a matte black or bright white colorway.


Alessi’s accessories are nothing less than perfection—that’s no surprise given the brand has continued to work with design superstars over its 100-plus-year history. With ingenious and winking products, like these bottle holders, Alessi offers more than just a pretty face. Case(s) in point: this teapot designed with a wide bottom to heat up water faster; the Pulcina moka pot with a specially designed boiler that stops filtering the coffee at the right moment; and Jasper Morrison’s dishwasher-safe everyday wineglasses.


Loloi collaborates with some of the best in the business on all kinds of sizes, styles, and colors of rugs. We’re talking Amber Lewis, Justina Blakeney, Angela Rose, and Rifle Paper Co.—just to name a few. A large portion of its offerings is available on Amazon, where you can often get a deal on 4- and 5-star-rated options.


Beanbags are having a renaissance lately, and in stylish fashion at that. Fatboy has the best colors around and also offers inflatable recliners. Pair the brand’s cheerful LED lamps with a few outdoor-friendly beanbags, and your patio will be difficult to vacate.

Stone & Beam

If transitional or farmhouse is your style, Amazon’s Stone & Beam collection should be your go-to. Club chairs and sofas with solid wood frames and leather or linen-look fabric are highly rated, and the armless dining chair, below, has feather-filled cushions and hidden wheels.


The mid-century modern craze continues to endure, and Amazon’s Rivet line leans into the colors, designs, and materials of the era. These pieces are a good primer if you aren’t yet in the market for (far) more expensive classics.

Creative Co-Op

You may need to dig a bit with the Creative Co-Op designs, but its metal accents are quality finds that will bring in some texture. Also, peep this well-priced set of tapers and tiny three-leg stool. There is a lot to be had with just a little search here.

The Best Furniture Materials to Search on Amazon

Rattan, Wicker, Wood

It’s hard to go wrong when searching for natural rattan, sturdy wicker, and solid wood. Look for the material line and then drill down to the specifics further along the page to reconfirm what each piece is made of. Take a look at reviews to get even more details about the assembly, color, and weight.

Metal, Antique Brass, Glass

Anytime a product is described as being constructed of 100% metal, brass, or glass, you can generally bet on the quality. It’s all about getting a read on the durability of powder coating, wobbling, and any shipping issues from the reviews.

Leather, Velvet, Bouclé

Always check if a product claims to be made 100% from a specific fabric or if it’s a fabriclike material. That’ll help weed out the fakes. If you don’t mind, that’s fine, too—but taking the time to check means you’ll know what you’re getting.

The Best Furniture Trend Words to Search on Amazon

Modern, Deco, Retro

Pop one of these terms into the search bar on Amazon and then whittle down from there. Add in extra search terms on sizing, material, or color to find what you want.

Chic, Vintage, Fancy

This is a favorite group of terms that we use on Amazon and when searching for furniture in general. They’ll turn up slightly (and in some cases incredibly) elevated options across the Internet. Gilded mirrors, anyone?

Coastal, French, Cottage

While you’ll have to dig through the more kitschy cottagecore finds, utilizing these three search terms is sure to generate a few hidden gems with enough aesthetic charm to be mistaken for an heirloom estate score. Think: skirted upholstery, spindle legs, and painted wood pieces.

Scalloped, Tufted, Woven

Take these search terms for a spin and you’ll get pigmented lighting options, mid-century–style armchairs, and woven side chairs.

Modular, Slipcover, Spindle

If you’re in search of a sofa that’ll easily reconfigure or something with Jenny Lind flavor, try one of these terms to help clear the Amazon clutter.

Checkerboard, Striped, Plaid

Looking for stripes that don’t lean too nautical or Domino-favorite gingham? Just use these variations and couple them with a color or style to find what you want.

The Best Kids’ Furniture Words to Search on Amazon

Cute, Colorful, and Scandinavian

To rustle up the best Amazon kids’ products, keep your search tailored to the specific things you need—whether that be “kids storage,” “kids furniture,” or “kids decor”—and simply pad it with one of our above keywords. The potential results for cute and colorful are clear enough. But if you’re curious what “Scandinavian” will bring about, picture smooth-lined pieces made from wood materials.

The Best Small-Space Furniture Words to Search on Amazon

Nesting, Convertible, Folding

The secret to small-space furniture isn’t exactly all about size, it’s about multifunctionality. To find the most streamlined pieces that will work hard inside limited quarters, search for goods that wield the ability to shape-shift: from nesting tables to convertible seating to folding ladder-chair hybrids.