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Amazon is a polarizing place—hate it or love it, there are good deals to be had and unique gifts to be found. Our best advice for navigating it, as people who look at products all day long, is to pay attention to three things: materials, reviews, and good old-fashioned word of mouth. This extends to the best Amazon kids’ products (insert searching for needles in a haystack trope here). The reason boils down to quantity over quality. It’s not that hidden gems in the kids’ category don’t exist on the behemoth e-tailer, it’s just that they’re obscured by the sheer amount of, well, junky stuff.

So after spending a considerable amount of time going down the proverbial rabbit hole, we rustled up a selection of stock that’s either reviewer vetted, editor favorited, and/or made from durable materials (wood, wicker, cotton, metal, etc.). Our shopping short list also prioritizes design forwardness, because an excellent children’s product is one that balances cheerfulness with usefulness, bringing joy to both parents and kiddos alike. Toss in the extra edge of bright colors paired with exciting shapes and you’ve got yourself a guide to the best Amazon kids’ products—broken out by category, below.

Our Favorite Kids’ Furniture on Amazon

When searching for the best Amazon furniture for kids, the following keywords are your friends: wood, wicker, and multifunctional. The favorites that we’ve come across are as aesthetically pleasing as they are dual purpose.

This includes picnic sets that serve as crafting stations and kid-friendly dining tables; candy apple–red Kartell storage units that are also nightstands; and squiggly stools they can move from room to room for shoe-tying, teeth-brushing, or sous-chefing support.

Our Favorite Kids’ Pillows on Amazon

Color, whimsy, and cotton are the name of the game when it comes to the best kids’ pillows on Amazon. From a surprisingly soft (and portable) headboard solution to a punch-hook alligator pillow and a very cool 100% nylon beanbag, our picks are as durable as they are design-forward.

Our Favorite Kids’ Lighting on Amazon

There’s a surplus of cute, portable lighting options on Amazon—in addition to some surprisingly fun ceiling styles, too. The favorites we stumbled across range from rechargeable LED lanterns and water-resistant hanging globe lights to a very tiny touch-activated mushroom lamp and a cartoon cloud-shaped ceiling statement.

Our Favorite Kids’ Storage on Amazon

The trick to landing excellent kids’ storage solutions on Amazon is to search with the keywords retro, metal, and wood. The resulting mix will be options that are suited to organizing all their stuff without feeling stuffy.

Think: play wagons that double as toy pickup trucks, their own personal storage lockers, old-school-style wood cubbies, and library-esque bookcases complete with canvas-sling shelves.

Our Favorite Kids’ Decor on Amazon

Decor might be one of the toughest kids’ categories to crack on Amazon. Whether that’s because it’s not as practical as the others or it’s the type of product we prefer to procure off Amazon, finding quality styling pieces for a children’s room on the endless e-tailer is no easy feat—but we push on.

Here’s our best advice: Search for items they won’t soon outgrow, like punchy wall clocks and eye-catching mobiles that can survive post-crib as charming ceiling accents. Or go for those cross-category buys that boast a unique enough aesthetic to double as decor—like patterned baby blankets–turned–wall tapestries or animal-shaped storage baskets that will add a layer of whimsy to their space without sacrificing purpose.