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No one wants to start their day off with a jolt, but for many, it can feel like a necessary evil. If you rely on an alarm to get you out of the door in a prompt fashion, then chances are, a jarring buzzer or musical interlude wakes you up and fills you with resentment. But it doesn’t have to be this way—scientists even say so.

A new study published in PloS One reports that among 73 people, those with melodic, rhythmic alarms felt the most alert later that morning. Sure, that blaring, unpleasant beep-beep-beep might get your eyes open, but you could still find yourself slogging through the day. You’re better off choosing an upbeat pop song or listening to the birds (really!).

Birdsong will make you feel like you’re in a quaint country cottage, even if you live in a tiny apartment with three roommates, and MoMA’s new Chirp alarm clock (which both looks and sounds like a warbler) offers just that. It even allows you to choose which kind of bird you want to serenade you awake, whether you prefer a Himalayan cuckoo or a wood thrush. You’re one step closer to living your best Disney character life.

Alarm clock shaped like a bird
Chirp Alarm Clock, MoMA Design Store ($200)

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