Bored of those bedroom walls? Sounds like it’s time for a paint project. Here are some ways to bring in some color.

dress it up

Low lighting from bedside table lamps softens the pink and makes the generous room feel more intimate.

Paint color:

 “Pink tiger” by Glidden

quiet oasis

The deep purple wall matches the graphic bedspread creating a natural simplistic bedroom.

Paint color:

 “Shadow” by Benjamin Moore

frayed elegance

This bedroom is a graceful blend of contemporary pieces, vintage treasures, and hand-me-downs.

Paint color:

“China Blue” by Benjamin Moore

peaceful purple

This lilac wall with a wallpaper headboard has a soft tranquil feel.

Paint color (wall):

 “Beach plum” by Benjamin Moore

intense green

The all-green room–literally inspired by the bright summer lawn—could have easily been too much, but white and black accents cut the saturation and make the room feel vibrant, crisp, and grounded.

Paint color: “

Baby fern” by Benjamin Moore

dark framework 

Loads of vibrant patterns from every corner of the globe make the guest room feel cultured and carefree all at once, all framed by black walls.

Paint color:

 “black” in gloss by Benjamin Moore

major doses

Use more pattern than you think is wise. If you do that everywhere, it looks bold.

Paint color (ceiling):

“Mediterranean olive” by Benjamin Moore

resting zone

Neutrals needn’t be beige. This serene combo of not-quite-night hues transforms this room into an ethereal Parisian-style bedroom.

Paint color (outside wall):

 “Soft sky” by Benjamin Moore

Paint color (bedroom walls): “

Pebble beach” by Benjamin Moore

Paint color (trim):

 “White dove” by Benjamin Moore

brownie points

Rich brown on the walls in a master bedroom creates a cozy protected feeling.

Paint color:

“Galvanized” by Ralph Lauren

above and beyond

Charcoal and navy furniture partnered with this floral wallpaper creates a clean unified space. Trick: Try using pattern in unexpected places like the ceiling and one additional accent in the room for a surprising yet balanced room.
Paint color: “White dove” by Benjamin Moore

casual comfort

Lining things up can look stuffy but this bedroom emits a relaxed carefree mood.
Paint color:
 “Natural elements” by Benjamin Moore

beach waves

The wooden sticks and wavey rug introduce decorative eye-catching curves to this sunny bedroom.

Paint color:

 “Seafoam” by Benjamin Moore

bring the outdoors in 

Bring the outdoors into your bedroom scheme with artwork, pattern and animal knick-knacks.

Paint color: “

Palladian blue” by Benjamin Moore

exotic sanctuary

Layering cheerful geometric fabrics and accessories with a soft wall color create a earthy feminine bedroom.

Paint color: “

Silver cloud” by Benjamin Moore

mix and match 

Soft blue walls highlight two main features in this tranquil bedroom; the African fabric used as a quilt and the “50s-era cabnet with a stereo built in.

Paint color: “

Pale powder” by Farrow & Ball

chocolate luxury

This rich chocolate-brown paint matches the mahogany shelving next to the bed.

Paint color (wall):

 “Rural earth”by Benjamin Moore

pop-y oasis

A piece of stretched canary yellow canvas doubles as art and a striking alternative to a headboard.

Paint color: “

Iced cube silver” by Benjamin Moore

shot of blue

Make a statement with bold red walls. Soften it up with a pale shade of blue.

Paint color: “

Rhubarb regal” by Benjamin Moore


Green walls, monogrammed bedspreads, and trippy pillows make this guest room happy and welcoming.

Paint color: “

Pear green” by Benjamin Moore

welcome white

You can economize with white-painted pine floors in some rooms so you can splurge on cherry or oak flooring in your favorite room.
Paint color (walls):
 “Marble white” by Benjamin Moore

Paint color (floors): “

French canvas” by Benjamin Moore

pastel philosphy

The graphic furniture is softened by the wall color, and a hand-painted tree branch with flowers further calms the scene.
Paint color: “
Easter ribbon” by Benjamin Moore

flower power

An armchair reupholstered in a Pierre Frey fabric is the centerpiece of the guest room, where blue-gray paint, a muted rug, and white bedding create a gender-neutral calm.

Paint color:

 “Riviera azure” by Benjamin Moore

sleeping beauty

The patined softness of sky blue walls frames a dramatically tufted bed in natural linens that ensures a heavenly sleep.

Paint color: “

Nordic blue interno lime wash by Sydney harbour paints

something blue

A great complement to classic colors. Pair slate grey with a pale shade of powder blue.

Paint color: “

Bird’s egg” by Benjamin Moore

personal note

An unexpected take on the tradition upholstered headboard. A portabale screen is a smart idea for renters.

Paint color:

 “Tropicana cabana” by Benjamin Moore

layer devices

Lacquered eggplant walls provide a regal setting for a heap of textiles: a faux-mink blanket on the bed, a goatskin rug, a passed-down lounge chair covered in a muslin slip and draped with a Mongolian lamb blanket, and a silk-velvet tiger pillow. You want furniture that feels good too!

Paint color:

“Blackberry wine” by Benjamin Moore

resting spot 

The furnishing are spartan and the pink walls largely bare–which encourages an instant melting way of mental clutter.
Paint color:
 “Charming pink” by Benjamin Moore