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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

If you’re anything like us, you just might have a messy vanity or makeup station. But turns out there is a very simple, creative way to easily organize it all. And sure, you may have previously relied on one of those ubiquitous boxy acrylic makeup drawer sets, but there is a smarter, space-saving way to customize your vanity: Ball Mason brand Jars.

Cost-effective and easy-to-find (even at your local Target!), these utilitarian glass containers can take your vanity from chaotic to orderly in no time. Just follow these five creative tips and tricks, and you’ll create a stylish, organized space that you actually want to get ready in every day.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

1. Ditch the unsightly packaging.

Nothing brings down a stylish vanity like ugly packaging, right? A bulky box of bath salts, a plastic bag of cotton balls—we can make it prettier, and easier to access. Swap the store-bought packaging for a Ball jar. Leave the lids off of smaller Ball brand Jars for easy access to things like cotton swabs and bandages, and opt for Wide-Mouth Ball brand Jars with spring-loaded lids for products like body scrubs. Your space will be so much more interesting with the variety of sizes and levels of jars, so feel free to mix and match for fun.

2. Categorize your products.

The trick to streamlining your morning routine is categorizing and corralling your products by theme. Skincare products in one jar, makeup brushes in another, hair accessories in another, etc. Have more lipsticks than drawer space? Great, grab a large Ball brand Jar, and fill ‘er up. And don’t let the fun stop just by your vanity—your bathtub and medicine cabinet can use an organizing upgrade, too. Bath accessories and medicine cabinet staples like daily multi-vitamins go from everyday to extraordinary.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

3. Sometimes smaller is better.

All those cuties that always seem to go missing, like bobby pins, nail clippers, hair ties, makeup sponges, and safety pins can benefit from having their own dedicated Ball Mini brand Jars. And since they’re glass, you’ll be able to clearly see all your products and easily grab whatever you need—even in a rush to get ready and out the door.

4. Take advantage of drawer space.

Is your vanity drawer as messy as our vanity drawer? Yikes! Bring some order to that mayhem! Grab some Ball Half Pint brand Jars, and line your drawer. Instead of digging through a mess of products, you’ll be able to quickly see those miscellaneous items, and grab and go. This is perfect for random accessories, like eyeshadows, matchbooks for your candles, lip balms, and any other hard-to-find small items. Be sure to secure the jars to the drawer with glue dots to keep everything in place.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

5. Add some color!

Customization is the name of the game with Ball brand jars. While sometimes you want a clear jar to be able to easily see your products, you can give the jars pops of color in a palette you love—it’s a super fun, cost-effective way to personalize your vanity and make it work with your home’s aesthetic. If you’re the type of person who wants visual cohesion, this is a great way to bring a consistent look to your space.

Just simply lay down some newspaper in a well-ventilated space, and coat the inside of the jars with spray paint in your desired mix of colors (we especially love metallics!). Dry with a fan for 1-2 days or until the paint is hardened and dry. Fill jars, and enjoy!