By Anna Kocharian

Published on May 15, 2017

Photography by LAURE JOLIET
For anyone who has ever tried to pit an avocado, the danger of knife-to-hand contact is all too real. The slippery nature of both the seed and the fruit can contribute to what medical professionals are now referring to as “Avocado Hand.” The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is even advising that safety labels be placed on the fruit to help curb the growing number of emergency room visits resulting from a knife-related accident. 

This handy video offers a tutorial for safe avocado slicing and pitting practices.
Photography by SUR TABLE

Sur la Table’s 4-in-1, Chef’n Avoquado™ Avocado Tool, utilizes a safety blade to slice the avocado, and a wrench with which you can “squeeze and twist” the stone out.

Photography by OXO
This 3-in-1 tool not only features a twist-based pitter, but it also comes with a handy slicer that produces evenly-cut pieces.
Here’s to avocado toast sans a trip to the doctor.

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