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As much as we love a good DIY home improvement, sometimes you just need a professional opinion. What’s the best way to restore peeling cabinetry? How can I easily repair leaking windows? Can I move this wall, or will my ceiling collapse if I take out that beam?

Never fear: Domino is here to help. We’re teaming up with the renovation experts at Best & Company, a New York-based general contracting and construction management firm, to bring you answers to your most pressing questions—for free. Send us your questions and concerns in the comments, via email to pitches@domino.com, or on social media, and we’ll have Chip Brian, founder and CEO of Best & Company, weigh in with his expert tips and solutions.

Having founded Best & Company in 1996, Brian has decades of experience in the construction industry, and can speak to every part of the renovation process, from pre-purchase estimating and budgeting to HVAC systems and plumbing to final touches like closet systems and window treatments. (See how his team transformed a dark and dated New York condo into a bright, airy home here).

We’ll be sharing Brian’s answers on the first Monday of the month, starting in February. Team Domino already has a long list of questions, so here are just a few of the topics we may be covering:

  • How can I estimate how much my renovation will cost? Is there a formula?
  • How do I know if a wall that I want to remove is load-bearing?
  • Uh, what’s a contractor and why would I need one?
  • How do I change a light fixture?
  • I want to redo my floors, but the options are overwhelming. How do I choose the best floor material?
  • Can I turn my walk-in closet into a bathroom?
  • How can I insulate my balcony door in the winter?
  • What’s the correct order in which to renovate a bathroom?
  • I want to install new mouldings. Where do I start?

No question is too big or small, so send ’em over. Let us know in the comments, via email to pitches@domino.com, or on social media.

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