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produced by   ANNA KOCHARIAN

Gifting a significant other is no easy feat, especially when it comes to an anniversary. Luckily, there are time-tested traditions set to give us a little helping hand. This year, challenge the expected with a slightly revamped twist. Think untraditional yet chic, out-of-the-box ideas, even the toughest-to-shop-for will find to their liking. Here, just a few things to inspire. Happy shopping!

1ST YEAR — paper

Printed on cotton paper, this gold-foiled stationery set will inspire endless strings of classic exchanges


Prints and books definitely count as well!

2ND YEAR — cotton

A cozy throw for cold winter nights, this extra-dense and soft piece is about as luxurious as they come.

3RD YEAR— leather

A good leather detail never fails to please. Especially when it comes in the form of a pastime essential.

4TH YEAR — flowers

Create an abundant display of florals that wows. Bonus points for recreating a bouquet from the actual wedding! Want something that will last a bit longer? A floral print will do.


5TH YEAR —wood

Lifesize Jenga that comes in the form of wooden blocks makes for endless hours of entertainment.

6TH YEAR —candy

This artisanal collection of small batch treats is the perfect gift for the candy enthusiast.

7TH YEAR — wool

This vibrant, pom pom throw puts a colorful twist on the classic gift theme.

8TH YEAR — pottery

A quality ceramic that comes in a chic color tone will please even the hardest-to-shop-for.


9TH YEAR — willow & wicker

A gift that doubles as a potential date is always a win in our book. Take to the park with this charming basket, filled with an assortment of your S.O.’s favorite treats.

10TH YEAR — tin

There’s very little romance involved with tin, so a little creativity is in order. For her, perhaps a fragrant candle in a vintage-esque tin, and for him, something to help keep his carefully cultivated facial hair prickly-free.

11TH YEAR — steel

A leather and steel cup set calls for a weekend in the woods. What better way to hint at a romantic getaway for two?

Stainless steel, lidded, and stylishing simple, think of these as the essentials no morning coffee routine should be without.


To keep whiskey chilled to taste, a fresh alternative, which won’t result in a watered down drink.

12TH YEAR —silk & linen

There’s nothing quite like fine silk. Now whether this be in the form of a pashmina, rug, or body lotion is up to you.

13TH YEAR — lace

For something as delicate as lace, we’d opt for a piece that shows off just a subtle hint of it. Here, a 310 count cotton duvet set that is pure perfection.

15TH YEAR —crystal

For the perfect pair, a charming set truly worth toasting to.


20TH YEAR —china

A new arrangement for her morning cup of joe.

For the foodie for whom jewelry just won’t do, this kitchen must-have is a no-brainer.

25TH YEAR — silver

As far as jewelry goes, we’re all for something that comes with a little edge. This sterling silver shark tooth necklace will surely do the trick.

30TH YEAR — pearl

An edgy piece that challenges the conventional with a contemporary spin.


For the one who rarely shies away from a statement piece, a gold-plated necklace that’s just about as radiant as she is.

35TH YEAR —coral

An inspired light piece reminiscent of coral to bring a defining layer to your interior.

Within a more literal sense of the color, bring about a handful of trinkets and beauty essentials she’ll love.

40TH YEAR — ruby

Jewels are one thing but who can resist the undeniable beauty of a decorative accent as vibrantly saturated as this.


45TH YEAR —sapphire

We’re bringing on the blues with an array of items that inspire a modern twist on the traditional gift. From agate and crystal to acrylic and wool, there are no shortage of elements and materials to consider.

50TH YEAR —gold

A delicate gold detail never fails to please, regardless of the form it comes in.

60TH YEAR — diamonds

For those lucky enough to reach this stage, a little sparkle is in order!