Published on May 25, 2016

by Cora L Diekman

Backyard BBQ Parties


No matter how casual the event, parties are A LOT of work.  Thank the hard working hostess of your next BBQ party with a little something, and ensure an invite for the next summertime soiree.

Dinner Parties


No event calls for a hostess gift like a dinner party.  It’s tradition, and let’s face it – it’s simply bad manners to show up empty handed.  If you aren’t bringing a side, PLEASE pack a hostess gift.

Rose pink is red hot right now.  Thank your hostess in style with something she can use time and again, like this uber-chic cutting board set.

July 4th Parties


Chances are you’ll find yourself attending at least one July 4th party this summer.  If you aren’t bringing a dish (like this super festive mixed berry pie) bring a little something for the hosts.


Get the Luckybird Mixed Berry Pie Recipe Here

Graduation Parties


Ah, graduation parties.  This is the time of year when we celebrate the achievements of kindergarten and college graduates alike.  Remember to say ‘thank you’ for the invite.

Kids’ Birthday Parties


So, if you’ve never been at the helm of a children’s birthday party, you may have no idea how stressful and exhausting they are – the food, the games, the favors, the cake., etc  If your child is enjoying a fabulous party thanks to the hard work of another parent, PLEASE thank them with something special.  (When all else fails, think wine.  It will definitely be appreciated post-party.)

Adult Birthday Parties


Birthday parties are thrown in honor of someone – meaning that you probably remembered the birthday gift, but forgot to thank the host of the event.  Pack a little something for the party planner, and you’ll be thanked by many future invites to come.


Who doesn’t love Kate Spade?  Who doesn’t need a chic salad set?  Enough said.

Cocktail Parties


This is one occasion when a bottle of wine or bubbly is the perfect hostess gift.  Your thankful host can pop an extra bottle at the party, or savor at a later date at her leisure.


A glam pineapple tumbler gets the party started in chic, summertime style.

Garden Parties


Any garden party as glam as THIS deserves a thank you.

Give your host or hostess the gift of R+R with this colorful hammock.

Pool Parties


You’re guaranteed to attend a few pool parties this summer.  Think outside of the box and bring a glam beach towel to thank your party host – because you can never have too many.


Or, thank your pool party host with this cute beachy journal – with plenty of room for planning that next poolside summer event.

Engagement Parties


Engagement parties are yet another event often thrown by a friend or family member of the couple.  Along with your gift, pack a little something for the host as well.

Wine Tasting Parties


At least bring along a bottle of wine.  Your host may not open it for tasting, but she’ll definitely appreciate it at a later date, and remember your thoughtfulness.

Movie Parties


A chic popcorn serving bowl is just one great hostess gift idea for movie parties or binge watching events.

Bridal Showers


Again – pack a shower gift, and something for the hostess, too.

Baby Showers


The same rule applies for baby showers.  And can we talk about how amazing these Kate Spade-themed cookies are?

Girls’ Night In Parties


Thank your Girls’-Night-In hostess with something designed for pampering, like a lush bottle of nail polish, bedroom slippers, or a soft throw for cool summer nights.


We’re also loving the idea of this Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask for a touch of spa-like pampering at home.

Slumber Parties


The host or hostess of ANY slumber party deserves more than the average ‘thank you’.  Gift them with something at drop-off as a ‘thanks in advance’ for their sleepless night ahead.

Labor Day Parties


Labor Day parties often congregate around the grill, so think grill tongs, serving platters, coolers, or ANYTHING your host might need the day of.

Tea Parties


Yes!  Tea parties are coming back – for little girls and adults alike.  Show your appreciation, and guarantee yourself a seat at the next teatime event.

Taco Parties


Of course tacos are reason enough to party.  Say thanks to your host for this seriously awesome excuse to gather.

Cactus Drink Stirrers


We’re in love with these cactus drink stirrers.  Pop one into your margarita and sip in style.

Anniversary Parties


Even if you don’t know the hostess of the event you’re attending, it’s a good idea to bring along a little something to express gratitude for their hard work.

Rufolo Glass Gold Cake Stand


You can never have too many cake stands.  Use them to serve practically anything in style, or use them to organize perfume bottles or bathroom countertop overflow.

Playdate Parties


With school on hiatus, playdate parties will be happening.  Thank the hosting parent for their brave attempt at entertaining the little ones for an afternoon – and reciprocate at your earliest convenience.

Retirement Parties


Yes, this is a two-gift event – one for the retiree, and another for the host.

Backyard Game Day Parties


Either provide a game, bring along some eats, or pack a hostess gift.

Baseball Parties


If America’s favorite pastime calls for a game day event, don’t forget to thank the host in charge.

‘Just Because’ Parties


Yes, sometimes parties are ‘just because’.  Whatever the reason, there is always someone at the helm.  Thank them for their effort, and for including you in the fun.