The Top Airbnb Destinations People Are Adding to Their Wish Lists

Here are our faves from the top ten.
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We’re only three months into the year and it already feels like everyone could use a vacation. Luckily Airbnb has some ideas—from Orlando, Florida (the buzziest place for families) to Paris (the number-one international destination). People are packing their bags and setting their automatic email replies. The brand recently released its top 10 most wish-listed rentals, and these aren’t your average guesthouses or hostels. An A-frame cabin in Utah’s Zion National Park and an “earth house” in Missouri have us thinking about how to incorporate a vacation experience into our everyday lives. Take a peek inside Airbnb’s most coveted stays and find the design ideas we’re stealing from each. 

The Eco-Cabin

To really showcase its views of Zion National Park, this cabin comes complete with a lift-up, garage-style door so you can sleep under the stars. For similar indoor-outdoor flow at home, install an accordian window in the kitchen. Cocktails, coming right up.

The Swing House

This Cincinnati rental’s draw is exactly as its name suggests: a swing hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the space. Playground equipment may not be practical for everyday use, so instead hang a plant or two. 

The Architectural Wonder

Angular architecture and endless plywood offer a futuristic spin on this classic upstate retreat. Our favorite part: the large circular window at the corner that’s the perfect vantage point for your morning cuppa.

The Earth House

Looking more like an apocalypse-ready bunker than a Missouri home, this house gives off major supervillain’s lair energy. Rounded cutouts in the walls allow light to pass from space to space—even though it’s (partially) underground. Garden-apartment dwellers, take note.

The Survival Earthship

Another hillside hideaway, this time in the desert of Taos, New Mexico, this rental’s exterior is coated in a sage green with a mottled finish that reminds us of plaster. The rocklike structure proves that the verdant hue isn’t just for kitchens cabinets.

Kate McGregor


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