Airbnb’s Newest Experiences Promise the Best Meal of Your Entire Vacation

Surprise: You’ll make it yourself.
Person prepping a fresh salad

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There’s no trip highlight quite like a memorable meal, whether that’s a plate of handmade spaghetti in Italy, a taco still sizzling from a street cart in Mexico City, or a tableful of dim sum steamer baskets in Hong Kong. Airbnb’s newest offering makes a daring suggestion: What if the best food you eat on vacation is food that you make yourself.

The vacation rental site’s just-launched cooking experiences include tons of once-in-a-lifetime meals for expert home chefs and novices alike. You can make pasta with a nonna in Rome, pack your own bento box near Mt. Fuji, or whip up some pastries in Montmartre. While nothing might compare to the moment you actually get to try your creation, the draws go beyond just getting to eat delicious dishes in a cool restaurant—you’ll also leave with major kitchen design inspiration. Three experiences we’re putting on our bucket list, for major taste-bud and eye candy:

Cooking Singaporean Cuisine in a Chic Eatery

Chef Damian D’Silva is famous for preserving Singapore’s food heritage, and now you can prepare a three-course dinner alongside him in his restaurant, Kin. Once you get home, you might just decide to whip up homemade sambal—or copy the restaurant’s cool floor tiles in your own kitchen.

Making Soba in a Traditional Japanese Home

It’s not hard to find good soba noodles in Tokyo, but they taste even better when you make them from scratch yourself. Host Hide gives a lesson in his home, a charming, old-school structure in the city, complete with a tearoom where, if you ask, you can absolutely have a green tea ceremony.

Garden-Hopping for Ingredients on the Amalfi Coast

One of Airbnb’s sustainability-focused slow-food experiences, this encounter gives travelers the chance to forage for their own ingredients for pesto, pick leaves for fresh salad, and whip up homemade pasta, start to finish. The view of the water isn’t too shabby either.

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