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Photography by ADRIAN GAUT
Entryways don’t get all of the design love (or budget) that a kitchen or bathroom might. But for an area that functions as your home’s first impression, a little attention (and perhaps a lot of love) will not go unnoticed. Here, five ways you can remake your current entry situation, with budget in mind. Take a look!

[Updated May 15, 2017]


The Faux Entryway

When you have to craft a room out of nothing, a little creativity can go a long way. For those not blessed with an actual entryway, it’s all about carving out a little space by the door to double as one. The key is to work a reserved set of furnishings, only sticking to the absolute essentials. Small-space dwellers, take note.

A clear console that proves to be nearly indiscernible – a must for the square-footage challenge. Utilize a woven basket to store (read: hide) everything from shoes to umbrellas, and more! No small space is complete without a little something reflective and if the furnishings aren’t enough, use a splash of paint to further designate the zone for the entryway. 
Photography by BJURFORS

The Elongated Entry

Within the lengthy entryway, finding room for the basics can be tough to come by. A hall closet is key to keep coats, shoes, and random odds and ends out of sight. When it comes to the actual furnishings of the area, keep it simple, sleek, and minimal.

Keep the floors free of clutter by opting for a floating storage system. A cozy runner in a subdued pattern or color tone can lend a delicate contrast against a dark wood floor. Complete the look with a chic pendant to light the way. 
Photography by BENJAMIN MOORE

The Entry Nook

Erring more on the smaller side of things, this entry is all about making the most of a compact space. Double-duty furnishings are key, while pieces with versatility in mind, a bonus.
A handy bench paired with a cozy cushion, can double as a sleek storage solution. Wall-mounted hooks make clever use of the vertical space, while a set of woven baskets (to fit within the storage unit) lend a much-welcomed pop of color.
Photography by THE STYLE FILES

The Whitewashed Minimalist

With simplicity in mind, we’re looking for the sleek and effortlessly chic. Establish an entry filled with all the essentials – coat hangers, catch-alls, and landing pads included – while sticking to a more elegantly minimal look and feel.
Stick to the basics. It’s all about identifying the most streamlined pieces that can serve a multitude of purposes. Outfit the entry with a mini area rug, for added texture, and bring in a wired bin or mod stool in lieu of a bench. 
Photography by KARA ROSENLUND

The Statement Entry

You’ve got room to spare and the focus is really on making a statement. Think of it as your chance to show off your collection of art, coffee table titles, and decorative accessories from all your travels. Favoring form over function, this entry will make the ultimate first impression.
Bring in an oversized work of art to set the decorative tone of the area. A bench lined with an assortment of coffee table titles complement the art, while a lone basket stored beneath functions as a storage solution.

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