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9 design trends we’re counting on in 2016

cheers to an inspired new year!

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Not Afraid Of The Dark

You don’t have to whitewash everything anymore. This is the year we stop thinking of deep colors as gloomy and start recognizing them as glam. This shade, Vintage Green by Dulux, gives a certain weight and power to the room, without making it any less liveable for the every day. If you’re still skeptical, leave your ceiling white. Find another trick for adding pops of contrast on the next slide…

Metallic accents are going to be your friend as you go dark. Gold mirrors, bar carts, chair legs, and anything else you can find will contrast the deepness of a bold shade and prevent the room from feeling like you have to whisper in there, and not touch anything.


It won’t be enough to paint over your tired Ikea purchase in 2016. This is the year we will all get comfy with facades. Companies like O’verlays and Formica are going to change the face of everything (literally) in the new year, and we’ll be surprised at just how affordably we can freshen our furniture.

Ultra-Functional Cabinets

In 2016, we’ll take “a place for everything” to new heights. Personalized, ultra-functional cabinetry will not only improve our organization prowess, but ultimately make spending time in the kitchen more fun, too. See another great example of how to maximize every bit of cabinet room on the next slide.

We’re having a “why didn’t we think if that” moment too, it’s cool. See more ideas for your cabinets here!


It’s not gold, it’s not silver, it’s not even copper. It’s gliver, and we want more of it in 2016. Lots more. Also, it’s just fun to say.

Oversized Art

Hard to believe, but your

gallery wall

might come down this year. In its place, an oversized print (or two) from your favorite photographer, or even a DIY piece of your own! Above the sofa, mantle, bed, or even perfectly placed at the start of the stairs, oversized art prints are the next move for framed fun. Try Framebridge for perfectly encasing your artwork, no matter its size.

Mixing Soft Neutrals

Neutral needn’t be defined as one shade, or even one shade at a time. Soft, almost smokey hues of grays, pinks, creams, and purples will add personality and color to a home that stays away from bold pops of brights. Two more examples on the slides that follow…

Don’t fear going a bit darker as you layer complimentary neutrals within a room. Natural light and accent pieces will keep colors from looking sleepy.

Soft, subtle elegance isn’t hard to come by with a palette like this. Sophistication and a dreamlike quality come together with the pairing of gray and natural textures.

Bringing In The Green

Particularly in the bathroom, we love the idea of strong greenery statements. If this one feels a bit too much, check out a more practical approach on the next slide…

Austin-based designer Katie Kime brought a bit of inspiring green into her master bath. It’s okay to go faux, for the sake of longevity.

Intricate Wallpaper

Where simple patterns focusing on one graphic point have held center stage for awhile, we’re thinking that in 2016, things need to get a little more complicated—in a good way. Delicate design makes for a striking statement as an accent wall. Toile will have a moment here, too. The Cordage wallpaper by Flavorpaper used in the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn is available here.

Never Too Much Texture

From the floor to the ceiling, and every piece of furniture in between, add texture. Mixing textures is a fun way to add interest to a room when you can’t decide your next move when it comes to color. Or even if you should make a color change at all. Another example on the slide that follows.

Textured walls, rugs, tables, fixtures, and of course rugs. There’s a deepness, not messiness to the combinations used here. Bringing in new textures also has the benefit of making a space feel homey, truly lived in, and loved.