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Decorating is personal. We all want that “you’ve got great style” stamp of approval from friends, family, visiting guests. Many of us also want to know how we can improve our at-home style, right? There are a few people (ok, maybe one person) who you’ll actually listen to. This is the same person who tells you when your hair is too short or those jeans are too tight. No, this time we’re not talking about Mom. Here are a few things only your very best friends could say about your decorating stye that you would actually listen to.

let go of the past

Grandma’s chair. Those trinkets that you’re still holding on to from the “I-swore-he-was-the-one” ex-boyfriend from college. It’s hard enough to purge the junk, let alone get rid of items attached to poignant memories. Let them go. Because the truth is, that old chair doesn’t cut it when it comes to comfort.

tone it down with the artwork

Reality: Your kids’ artwork is amazing and should be on display. However, it needn’t be blown up and framed in every room of the house. Pick those spots where it will really shine and commit to swapping out favorite pictures every month. Scan originals so you can save memories (and masterpieces), which can be admired at the kids’ leisure and for years to come.

don’t jump on the trend bandwagon

Killer outfit. You’re that fashion-forward girl who always gets it right. When it comes to décor, trends aren’t made for everyone. Or every home. It often takes a good friend to tell you that the modern chair isn’t going to work with your country chic style.

stick to one style

your style

Getting that one style down is hard enough work. Stop fooling yourself into thinking that you’re modern when, in fact, you’re really a tried-and-true country charmer. If you go to bed at night thinking this stark, all-white space feels unfinished, then your best friend was right: you need your toile.

branch out with color

You’ve got your signature decorating color down. And your home reflects that. Too much white can often feel a bit cold and dimension-less. Sometimes we need a little push to explore new tones and add a layer of visual complexity.

hello, you’re not your mom

We get it, funds are/were tight so you took those hand-me-downs. It’s starting to feel like the good old days. There’s no reason to take everything your mom is trying to get rid of. For example, why do you need teacups if you never drink or serve tea? Now, if your parents are getting rid of that sheepskin rug…that’s a different story.

stop being cheap

She said it. (We didn’t.) There comes a point when must say, I can wait. Just because you see a sofa sitting curbside, doesn’t mean you need to take it home. Your friend is the one who will tell you that you don’t need that new bag because your apartment really needs a place for us to sit and watch “Girls.”

save the do-it-yourself projects for someone else

You came through on her wedding day with your do-it-yourself favors. That will never be forgotten. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s cut out for refinishing or reupholstering furniture. Sorry, we had to say it.

the furniture doesn’t fit your space

You live in a place that’s (roughly) the size of a shoebox. That gorgeous sofa and oversized coffee table are not going to fit. She will agree that they’re gorgeous, and will also be the first to tell you how ridiculous they look in your studio apartment.

you’re trying too hard (to match)

And it shows. It’s not all about that exact shade of red. Feel inspired and make it work in the space.

there’s something missing from your décor: you

Like everything else, this is the pal who has convinced you to go with your gut. About life, love, and your career. Listen to her when it comes to your home. If your best friend can’t see you (your personality, interests, passions) in your décor, then who will? Trust your instincts. And that’s a cause for rejoicing.