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view down wood kitchen cabinets

How This Tile Company Founder Landed on the Perfect Backsplash for His Own Kitchen

Plus his easy trick for a seamless drywall transition.

Exterior of home with cedar shake siding and a pool

The Graveyard Behind This 1800s New York Home Wasn’t Going Anywhere

Same with the pool, exterior shake, and the house’s 170-year-old beams.

beige kitchen

A King’s Former Bathroom Sink Is Just One FB Marketplace Score in This London Reno

The kitchen lighting once belonged to the Queen Mother.

green laundry room cabinets

Turning an Old Headboard Into Shelves in This Laundry Room Was My Grandma’s Genius Idea

Putting a Shaker-style spin on IKEA cabinets was mine.

oak kitchen cabinets

A Wall of Cabinets Hides, Well, Everything in This Home’s Converted Garage

The main house now has good flow, too.

kids in indoor-outdoor tub

10 Spa-Like Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Whether You Have $500 to Spend or $25,000

Where there’s a will to paint over shower tile, there’s a way.

This Ever-Popular Kitchen Layout Is Back (Again)

This Ever-Popular Kitchen Layout Is Back (Again)

Are you open to it?

wood kitchen cabinets

This Foodie Graphic Designer’s Reno Goal Was to Re-create an Italian Grandma’s Kitchen

“Give me a walk-in pantry any day of the week over a walk-in wardrobe.”

green and wood kitchen

This St. Paul Home’s 1890 Exterior Inspired the Wood Cabinets in the Kitchen

Plus they’re cheaper than popular rough-cut white oak.

gray kitchen

With a $6,500 Budget, I Was Determined to Fall in Love With My Galley Kitchen

And offered to be my countertop installer’s assistant.

food on counter

This Food Stylist Consulted a Color Expert for Her Galley Kitchen Reno

Warm brown cabinets was the secret ingredient.

slatted walnut cabinet

In This Narrow Seattle Kitchen, a Walnut-Lined “Super-Pantry” Saves the Day

The sidekick? A broom cabinet.

yellow and blue kitchen

A “Nothing Too Shiny or New” Mantra Led These Designers to a Turmeric-Hued Kitchen

The space used to feel like the ’80s, but now it’s more 1800s.

large modern living room

This Real-Estate Agent Saw Reno Potential in a Stagnant Home—Now Its Value Has Doubled

Shrinking the pool was actually a game changer.

rocking chair in corner

For $500, My Rental Bedroom Went From Plain White to Cottage-Worthy

Now it’s a sage green dream.

walnut headboard

Dare We Say, This Brown-on-Brown L.A. Kitchen Beats Bright and Airy Any Day

It’s as delicious as a piece of chocolate.

chair at plywood desk

Tales From a Basement Reno: “All I Knew Was I Wanted a Concrete Floor With Plywood Millwork”

The bold Formica counters came later.

woman in kitchen with son

This Airy Bungalow Reno Got a Last-Minute Dose of Oxblood Drama in the Kitchen

Plus a front yard that’s actually usable.