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In This Barcelona Apartment, the Hallway, Closet, and Kitchen Are Wrapped in One

The storage continues for days.

Inside a Guest Room–Turned–Nursery Where the Peony Wallpaper Had to Stay

The rest of the home is equally floral-forward.

Miranda Kerr’s Furniture Collection Is Inspired by Her Crystal Obsession

No gemstones were harmed in the making of these products.

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Plywood Like You’ve Never Seen Before Is at the Core of This Montauk Reno

How a couple elevated $50 boards to a statement wall.

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This Brooklyn Couple Frankensteined Their Brownstone—And Left the Seams Visible

They act as windows into the past.

In This Self-Taught Designer’s Prismatic Family Home, Hot Pink Is a Neutral

The mom of three has chromatic confidence in spades.

At the Heart of This San Jose Rental Is a Perfectly Imperfect IKEA Hack

This creative couple made (or thrifted) every last thing.

Against Her Painter’s Advice, Louise Roe Chose This “Ugly” Color for Her TV Room

And now it’s her favorite spot in the house.

Toys Are Decor—Not Eyesores—In This Prop Stylist’s Brooklyn Home

Snoopy and Saarinen can hang out together.

In a Notting Hill Home, Linoleum Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The wallet-friendly solution shaved months off the renovation.

Dollar Store Finds Mingle With Spinning Artwork in This Upstate New York Home

The aesthetic? “A very palatable flavor of Kool-Aid.”

How One L.A. Creative Changed Her Home’s “Square” Architecture Without a Reno

Plus her tips for avoiding the trend trap.

Surprise: Stripes, Animal Prints, and Chartreuse Peacefully Coexist in This D.C. Home

Any color—or pattern—can be a neutral.

Quirky Walls Won Over This Designer During Her Apartment Hunt, Not Amenities

Why she didn’t settle on an ordinary rental.

The First Floor of This French Farmhouse Used to Be Reserved for Barn Animals

Now it’s a family escape on the Basque coast.

This Historic Pioneer House’s Best Feature Is a Curbside Find

It was plucked from the owner’s abandoned childhood home.

This London Apartment’s Color Palette Changes as the Light Does

The back bedroom is a blue jewel box.

Craving Nature, This NYC Couple Started Anew in a Restored Home Upstate

“It told us what worked and what didn’t.”

How Two Sisters Successfully Co-Own a Home

Pro tip: Treat decorating like a team sport.

How Designer Delia Brennen Modernized Her 1880s Brownstone

Iconic silhouettes and luxury fabrics are just the beginning.

Sponsored By Maiden Home

A Second Reno Gave This Designer the Chance to Fix Her First-Time Mistakes

Exposed clothing racks would no longer do.

Cloud-Painted Walls and a Kid-Proof Breakfast Nook Make This Home a Playhouse

“Strategic mess” is key.

In This Brooklyn Apartment, the Bookshelves Look Like Architecture

How one creative couple displays their most prized collection.

For 20 Years, the Best Feature in This ’50s Bungalow Went Unexposed

Open sesame—then paint everything white.

Why Your Forever Home Should Be This Style of Architecture

For growing up and growing old.

Imperfect Plaster Walls and Built-In Furniture Define This Artful Adobe Reno

A four-year-long project led by light.

A $300, No-Tools Work Surface Does It All in This Brooklyn Home

Dining table, storage spot, and more.

Ayesha Curry Decorated Her Family’s Entire Bay Area Oasis Herself

The entrepreneur shares how she did it—while raising three kids and managing her growing empire.

This Seattle Home Came With Shag Carpet and an Avocado Green Bathroom

The right accent color saved its mid-century charm.

An Old Hay Loft Is Now This Designer’s WFH Space Meets Guest Room

Distinct areas make the open layout extra cozy.

In This Coastal Australian Home, the Terracotta Floors Came from an Unlikely Source

And the cabinets appear to be floating in thin air.

4 New Takes on Nautical We’re Stealing From This Nantucket Hotel

Including how to modernize stuffy moldings.

This Family Completely Reimagined What a Kitchen Island Looks Like

The split-level piece has major hobbit vibes.

A Creative Director Turned Wood From His Demo Into the Kitchen Cabinets

His Paris apartment is full of surprises.

Picasso’s Blue Period Set the Palette in This Old Hollywood–Inspired Home

Waldorf Astoria–sourced hardware adds to the charm.

Why This Family Skipped a Popular Kitchen Feature in Their New Home

And swapped a typical backsplash for a view.

A “Britney Spears Window” Isn’t the Typical Hallmark of a Desert Home

But in this Yucca Valley house, it’s prime for posing.

A Kaleidoscopic Brooklyn Rental Designed From the Rugs Up

In just one month.

This Cottage’s Second Chapter Began, Fittingly, With a Second-Story Addition

A spiral staircase leads to the new floor.

What Is Mushroom Board Anyway? This Beach House Is Covered in It

Cue moody surf shack vibes.

How Do You Fit a Family of Four Into a Cozy 700-Square-Foot Cottage?

Start with multitasking storage.

What’s It Like Living in a Glass Dome?

For one thing, you always know the weather.

In This Ahmedabad Apartment’s Kitchen, 48 Niches House Spices Galore

With a view of the tree that inspired it all.

This Photographer Approached Her NYC Brownstone Renovation Like a Photo Shoot

Her historic home feels nothing like a museum.

After a Few “Bad ’80s Hairdos,” This Georgian Home Is a Flower-Filled Retreat

A potting shed was priority number one.

An Art Consultant Created a Canopy Door in Her Gallery-Like Home

“It’s my Marie Antoinette entrance.”

How This Teacher Built Her Dream Home After a Flood Ruined Everything

Forty plants and a few DIYs later.

Would You Sacrifice a Big Bedroom for a Dream Kitchen? This Couple Did

The first piece of the floor plan puzzle.

This Warm Melbourne Home Makes Black and White Look Cozy

Featuring a major ceramics collection.

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