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This Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt mattress review was written by Alana Wolfman and edited by Morgan Bulman. 

There were plenty of good reasons why a new mattress was at the top of my to-buy list this year. I got married, bought a new house, and found out I was pregnant—but nothing was more pressing than the fact that my 6-foot-2 husband was tired of sharing our queen-size bed with my new (read: extremely obtrusive) pregnancy pillow. Okay, and the fact that our former mattress-in-a-box was nearing 11 years old (well beyond the typical life span for one). 

Aside from needing something roomier by upgrading to a king, there were a few other features on our wish list: a firmer feel, as I only expected my lower back pain to worsen (my melon-size baby boy is only going to get bigger, after all); quality construction; long-lasting materials; and something supportive for us as back- and side sleepers. Memory foam was also a must; I’ve always found springs to be too bouncy. And since I had originally wanted a Tempur-Pedic all along but couldn’t pull the trigger on one in my 20s, our search zeroed in on the reputable brand. Specifically its Adapt collection, which would tick all of our boxes and then some.  

After hours of research; learning the vernacular of new technology; and physically sitting on the Cloud, Breeze, and Adapt lines in-store, we narrowed our options to the latter collection’s three choices: Adapt, ProAdapt, and LuxeAdapt. While they all use proprietary layers of foam developed by NASA and provide ample pressure relief, I liked the idea of a newer product, higher profile, and washable cover. Cut to my review of the Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt mattress. 

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The Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Mattress

ProAdapt Mattress
ProAdapt King Mattress, Tempur-Pedic ($3,899 was $4,099)

It’s also the only option that offers a medium firmness—not too hard, not too soft—a tricky part of the shopping journey that a Tempur-Pedic rep came to the rescue with with clarifying insights. They mentioned the firm would arrive very firm since memory foam can take a bit to break in. It was knowledge I welcomed since the site descriptions skewed on the confusing side. The 12-inch height also felt like the perfect balance, as standard sheets slip over without having to stretch, and I have yet to find our bedding lifting from the corners. Plus paired with our platform frame from Article, it’s still relatively easy for me to roll in and out of bed without worry. In comparison, Adapt’s 11-inch height felt too low and too soft, whereas the LuxeAdapt was too tall and only came in soft or firm. 

The Delivery and Setup

If you’ve ever had a mattress dropped off at your front door before, you probably know the process isn’t always easy. And since our pick weighed a whopping 125 pounds, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. But shipping and white-glove delivery didn’t cost a dime (and never should), and it arrived on time during the designated two-hour window. The crew promptly unwrapped it from its sealed bag and placed it on our bed frame—I didn’t have to lift a single finger. Better yet, they removed our old mattress, free of charge. To say the experience was positive would be an understatement, especially when coupled with the fact that there was no off-gassing or wait time for the foam to expand (our former bed took close to two weeks before it finally felt normal). I could have napped on it immediately if I wanted to.

The Design

First impressions: You can tell a lot of thought went into developing the zip-off cover, which can be removed and tossed in the wash (a feature limited to the ProAdapt and LuxeAdapt versions). And with our little one’s imminent arrival, we opted to purchase the additional waterproof cover for extra protection against abnormal wear and tear for those nights we’ll inevitably share the same bed. 

Plus while the bottom half of the mattress is a navy blue fabric, it doesn’t show through our white fitted sheet. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised that the high-performance, cooling yarns on top actually work. Dense foam layers tend to retain heat, and my internal temp is naturally running warmer compared to prebaby life, but this mattress has never been the reason I’ve ripped off the covers (and that says a lot since we’re only now on the doorstep of summer’s end).  

The Sleep

More than 100 nights in, my honest review is that this truly lives up to the Tempur-Pedic hype as the most highly recommended bed in the U.S. Even now, nearing nine months pregnant—where I’m taking three to four trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night—I wake up rested and my husband snoozes undisturbed, feeling little to no movement at all. (Super–motion absorption for the win!) In fact, his only complaint is that the edge support isn’t the best—the side of the mattress dips ever so slightly when he sits to pull on his socks. But when not perched on it as a seat, he would also rate it 10/10.

For me, I’m able to catch solid z’s on my side (a preferred sleeping position for moms-to-be to prevent hip pain) without my arm or shoulder feeling sore or numb, which has been a problem with firmer mattresses before. It was another reason I chose the medium over firm, since memory foam, in my opinion, leans firmer than hybrid or spring mattresses overall. 

But the best part: The pressure-relief layers of foam are no joke; I feel cradled and supported without being swallowed. 

The Final Word

No exaggeration, this is the absolute best mattress I’ve ever slept on. I actually leave hotels yearning for my own bed. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, this one is of a higher caliber, with multiple layers of comfort and pressure relief that refuse to generate heat at night, all backed by a 10-year warranty. We should have upgraded a long time ago, baby or not. 

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