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Aside from being a self-professed hot sleeper, I am also a self-professed creature of habit. For better or worse, I will avoid switching things up in my day-to-day life—even when the habit or product in question isn’t actually working for me. But after one too many sleepless nights due to ill-fitting or stifling covers, I suddenly felt compelled to unstick to my status quo when vetting bedding.

For starters, I began treating sheets as less of an afterthought—accepting barely used ones from my mom, only replacing them at their threadbare end, etc.—and regarding them as investment-worthy essentials that can (and should) improve my quality of life. In that spirit, I’ve been on a quest to give all kinds of brands a go to see if one could outshine the rest the way I so desired: decrease restlessness, combat sweaty bouts on steamy nights, and survive wash after wash without suffering a slow-pilling death.

Fast-forward through a few unmentionables and cut straight to my holy grail set: Ettitude‘s best bamboo sheets. After three months of testing, tossing, and turning, these top-rated silky beauties were quickly elevated to top-shelf status in my linen closet. Below, read my full review to find out the whys behind how these sumptuous sheets ended up in a near-constant rotation on my bed.

Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set in saffron.

The Luxe Look

Ettitude’s bamboo sheets come in 10 nature-inspired shades: cloud, a warm white; sand and almond, two creamy browns; moss and sage, a pair of elegant greens; slate, ocean, and sea, all in the blue family; moon, a soothing gray; and saffron, a striking yellow. I chose the bright saffron to provide color contrast with my duvet cover—a blue and green leaf motif against a white backdrop—and it worked beautifully. Pulling back my duvet feels like being greeted by a sunny surprise; the color is rich and golden.

The Sumptuous Feel

The brand boasts an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, and the Signature Sateen sheets—the ones I fell in love with—are made from what the company has trademarked as CleanBamboo, a proprietary, 100 percent bamboo Lyocell that’s hypoallergenic. In addition to the signature sateen that I tried, Ettitude sheets are also available in sateen+, a material infused with naturally antimicrobial charcoal (but only in queen and king sizes), and twill, an organic bamboo fabric that’s the weightiest of the three (it only comes in white, but it’s the most affordable of the bunch). Every set comes with a 30-night sleep trial and free delivery on orders over $100.

As for the feel, the Signature Sateen is definitely as silky as Ettitude claims it to be: While not slippery smooth, the fabric still glides against the skin and doesn’t feel the least bit crisp, before or after laundering. As the brand and reviewers attest, the sheets do become softer—after the first wash and increasingly so over time. Also noteworthy is the literal cool factor. The decrease in overheated sleep sessions I’ve experienced is proof, and other reviewers back me up. “These sheets are so luxurious and worth every penny,” one 5-star rater says. “They do get softer with every wash, and they keep me very cool at night.”

The Sleek Fit

Tucked neatly inside a matching reusable drawstring bag, my queen-size set came with one fitted sheet, one top sheet, and a standard pair of pillowcases. To note: Twin sets get just a single standard pillowcase.

While testing bedding, among the worst offenders was a set that purported to be well fitting but gripped the corners of my mattress for dear life: The fitted sheet struggled to cover the sides of the mattress, so I spent more time readjusting them than sleeping comfortably. The Ettitude sheets, by contrast, slid onto my bed and remained securely in place despite persistent tossing and turning. The top/bottom labels affixed to the fitted sheet cut down on any changing confusion, and while the linens aren’t exactly taut, the deep pockets (compatible with regular mattresses up to 17 inches) ensured that the sheets fit comfortably over my mattress topper, which adds an extra 2 inches of height to my 10-inch-tall mattress.

The Affordable Price

Among our picks for best bamboo sheets, Ettitude’s $229 queen-size Signature Sateen set price tag falls on the costlier end of the spectrum (it adds up to several discounted options from TJ Maxx). But in my experience, bedsheets that don’t wear thin after just a few washes, sleep as cool as they say they will, and fit my mattress comfortably are worth the investment.

The Post-Wash Pros and Cons

If you’re slow to remove items from the dryer (guilty as charged), prepare for quite a bit of wrinkling. I found that following the care instructions—removing the sheets from the dryer immediately or low ironing after the fact—fixes this in a cinch. I also noticed that my vibrant yellow faded slightly during washing and minor pilling happened after the first couple of months, but the latter seems to subside with air drying.

The Final Word

Overall, I find these sheets to be equal parts vibrant, sophisticated, and, honestly, pretty sexy. They’ve endured several cleanings, which hasn’t impacted the fit or comfort level—the most important factors for sheet in my opinion. These have easily earned this change-averse, hot sleeper’s long-term commitment.

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