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One bright bedroom in a playground-like Venice, California, house, designed by Jessica Ayromloo. Photography by Natasha Lee; Styling by Merisa Libbey

When I moved to the burbs, I anticipated having to make a few substantial purchases: an outdoor dining set (finally, a backyard!) and a larger sofa to fit that larger living room. What I didn’t think about is the fact my husband and I have a second bedroom now, too, which meant we’d need a second mattress. My best friend’s parents had recently upgraded all of the beds in their house to Avocado and had only good things to say, so it felt serendipitous when I was given the chance to try out the brand’s most popular offering: the Green Mattress

The Avocado Green Mattress

Courtesy of Avocado

Avocado’s speciality is organic mattresses assembled in Los Angeles, and all three of its core styles—the Green Mattress, the more affordable Eco Organic Mattress, and the higher-end Luxury Organic Mattress—are made with various combinations of GOLS-certified organic latex and GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton. What do all those letters mean? In short, Avocado has undergone inspections to ensure its materials meet the criteria of two industry-recognized standards.

Additionally, you won’t find any polyester fabrics, flame retardants, or solvent- or water-based glues. Almost every material is biodegradable, except for the steel perimeter, which is recyclable. To top it off, Avocado reports it’s not just “the world’s first mattress brand to achieve net-zero carbon emissions,” it’s now carbon negative. In other words, the brand works with nonprofit Bonneville Environmental Foundation to reduce more carbon emissions than it produces.

The main difference between the Avocado Green Mattress and its siblings is their construction. As the price point goes up, so does the number of coils, layers, and “support zones” (the way the coils are arranged). The Green, starting at $1,399, falls in between the Eco Organic, which starts at $777, and the Luxury Organic, which starts at $2,799.

Courtesy of Avocado

With 10,000-plus five-star reviews, the Green is the “best rated” of the bunch. The brand notes that it is on the firmer end of the comfort spectrum—more on that later—with 1,438 pocketed support coils; five support zones; and six layers of latex, wool, and cotton. It measures 11 inches tall, unless you add the optional pillow-top for extra squishiness, which brings it to 13 inches. I stuck with the standard offering.

The Delivery and Setup

I have firsthand experience with doorstep mattress deliveries, and if I can avoid the sweating, cursing, and general despair that comes with pushing a cumbersome, heavy box up the stairs myself, I most definitely will. Avocado provides in-home delivery for $249 for packages up to 225 pounds, and I would argue it’s worth every penny when you consider what it would be like to lift that much weight yourself. The price goes up from there, but I wouldn’t worry about that if you’re getting the Green Mattress; even the California King is only 175 pounds. 

I chose my preferred four-hour delivery window online and the mattress arrived promptly. Two people carried it up to our bedroom, unboxed it, and placed it on the bed frame without me having to lift a finger. This service also includes removal of an old mattress in some areas, and luckily New Jersey is one of them. In this scenario, setup really is nonexistent. 

However, if you can’t swing the additional cost, doorstep delivery of the Green is free. Your order will arrive compressed in two layers of plastic in a cardboard box. Avocado recommends removing the first layer, then putting the mattress on your bed frame. From there, you’ll remove the second layer and watch the mattress expand to its full height. You’re good to sleep on it within a few hours. For testing purposes, we’ve been snoozing on ours for the past few weeks.

The Design

Courtesy of Avocado

The Green Mattress has a button-tufted top; cooling cream cotton cover; olive green piping; and—drumroll, please—two handles per side. Wild but true: The week after the mattress was delivered, the bed frame broke, rendering it unusable. My husband and I needed to pull off the mattress in order to disassemble the pieces, and the process was surprisingly easy thanks to that small but mighty detail. Our other foam mattress doesn’t have any, making it a beast to move even an inch.

The Sleep

Avocado describes this mattress as “gentle yet firm,” and that’s dead-on. This is one of those beds that you won’t have a strong opinion about one way or another; it’s neither overly squishy nor too hard. My husband is a stomach sleeper and I’m a back/side sleeper, and we’ve both found it to be comfortable. If you want more give, Avocado recommends opting for the foam pillow-top version for an extra $400. What really won me over is that ever since sleeping on the mattress, the pregnancy sciatica flare-ups I was experiencing disappeared. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the only thing that’s changed is what I’m sleeping on—and Avocado does claim those six coil zones help align your spine and calm back pain.

One thing to consider if you share your bed with someone: This one is rather bouncy. I feel my husband flip and flop more than I do when sleeping on our other mattress. I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker, but it’s noticeable. 

The Final Word

Honestly, what’s not to like? The price is on par with other hybrids, delivery has the opportunity to be a breeze, and I sleep well. Avocado’s environmental focus simply makes those sweet dreams even sweeter.

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