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Staff just made us rethink this cleaning tool altogether. The cheeky brand founded during the pandemic has dropped a series of head-turning household items over the past few years—from turkey basters to toilet plungers—and its most recent release is what we’d call a beautified version of the wet mop. The color-blocked, jewel-toned acrylic handle isn’t just for show either. 

The Mop

Cleaning photo
The Mop, Staff ($48)

The mop ships in three separate segments that easily screw together, which is a bonus if you’re tight on storage space. That cutesy top hat could have been added simply for humorous flourish, but there’s a dual purpose: It helps grip the wall and protects your floor if the whole thing tips over after tackling all that work.

Designed to work with Clorox’s Scentiva line, all you have to do to kick-start the chore is clip in one of six scented disinfecting cloths (in Tahitian Grapefruit Splash, Tuscan Lavender, or Pacific Breeze and Coconut) the gadget comes with.

Courtesy of Staff
Courtesy of Staff

Why should you spring for it over a Swiffer? Other than its looks, the major plus is that the mop’s head is bigger; our deputy editor, Julie Vadnal, can confirm it covers more ground in a shorter amount of time. Another win: The size keeps the cleaning cloths taught while clipped into the four tabs, so you don’t have to fret about one coming loose after a particularly passionate scrubbing session. And in the world of mops, where many leave much to be desired in the appearance department, Staff’s eye-catching iteration almost makes wiping down floors feel like a party. Needless to say, it’s a welcome addition to the smiley-emblazoned lineup.  

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