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While everyone else’s holiday gift planning has slowly turned into panic, we’ve been as calm as ever because we knew…it was coming. Just as she has done for decades, Oprah Winfrey dropped her annual Favorite Things list, and, as always, it’s a welcome guiding light for aimless shoppers, particularly those who want to do all their purchasing through Amazon. As an added feel-good bonus, Winfrey’s 104 picks are all from small businesses and BIPOC- or woman-founded brands to make celebrating your loved ones even more meaningful. Ranging from under-$20 steals (organic cotton family pj’s for the win) to splurge-worthy small appliances (hello, one-button barista), the list spans several categories and price points, so you’ll be sure to discover something for everyone in your life without going over budget. 

For Tech-Savvy Home Chefs

Winfrey calls this TikTok-famous, touch-screen gadget the “iPhone of toasters.” Rightly so, as the intuitive display can accomplish quite a bit with the press of a button—you select one of seven brownness levels for everything from frozen bread to fresh bagels. It’ll even play a song when it’s done, which our deputy editor, who tested the tool herself, notes was an utter joy. Oh, and there’s also a panini attachment—a total game changer for grilled cheese season. 

For Fashion-Forward Jet-setters 

This handheld iron makes de-wrinkling clothes in your hotel or Airbnb a breeze, so you can abandon the old hang-your-shirt-in-the-steamy-bathroom hack for good. And because the sleek device weighs in at just over a pound, it’s perfect for that friend who is serious about fitting all their belongings into their carry-on. 

For Green Thumbs Who Appreciate a Good Drink

Yes, you can buy a whole tree on Amazon. Whether your giftee is a dedicated plant parent or just loves a nice dirty martini, this fruit-bearing olive tree is not only thoughtful (it’s the universal symbol of friendship), it’s useful. Winfrey admits she keeps one by her tub for a little Tuscan spa ambience, but the 2-foot-tall shrub will look just as good within arm’s length of a bar cart.

For Flavor-Chasing Foodies

These artful EVOO vessels are sure to entice the experimental gourmand—each of the four bottles is infused with a different ingredient: lemon, garlic, basil, and a smoky mix of spices that includes chili and chipotle. The best part is, they look as good as they taste, so no one ever has to feel guilty about leaving them on the counter.