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Selling your used furniture online these days can be a bit of a—how do we say this delicately?—total nightmare. Between back-and-forth messaging, flaky buyers, and the worst of all, no-shows, managing it can start to feel like a part-time job. But we just got some new information that might make your adventures in online furniture selling a little less painful: A new report from used-furniture market Kaiyo just revealed the brands that are most likely to sell on their platform, in this order:

  1. West Elm
  2. CB2
  3. Article
  4. Tov
  5. Urban Outfitters

It’s not a huge surprise that West Elm would come out on top, so Kaiyo dug a little deeper to see which particular products had the most luck selling—and these two items retained 91 and 90 percent of their value, respectively: Classic Café dining chairs and the Eddy sectional.

Knowing that you can resell a piece for nearly the same amount you paid for it can take the pressure off while you’re shopping—and if your tastes change, you can always list the item and know it won’t sit for too long. That sounds delightfully not stressful. Wait, do we suddenly like selling our furniture online now?