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If you have ever made tortilla española in olive oil until you end up with a crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside delight, then you know the process culminates with a flip. This is the crucial moment where you either end up with a perfect Spanish omelet or a deconstructed breakfast. But when Gwyneth Paltrow recently shared a video of her nailing the move, she made it look fairly easy. We have to think she’s partially indebted to her pan.

In her Instagram Reel of each step, Paltrow’s Our Place Always Pan Pro makes a handful of appearances. The titanium cookware is touted for its coating-free nonstickiness. In other words, its unique titanium lining prevents food from clinging to the pan—no toxic PFAS necessary. Fun fact: The pattern pressed into the metal also naturally creates a slick surface. 

silver pan
Titanium Always Pan Pro, Our Place ($195)

Of course, there’s still some skill involved in Paltrow’s making of a flawless tortilla española. As the eggs begin to cook in the pan, she runs a spatula around the edges to help loosen the sides. Afterward, she gently slides the omelet (still face up) onto a dinner plate. Then for the flip: Placing her Our Place pan on top of the plate, almost as if it’s a lid, she turns the whole thing back onto the skillet so it can cook that last little bit. Leave the tossing-in-the-air technique to pizza dough.