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If your Easter egg hunt is shaping up to be a last-minute search for decor instead of a fun backyard party, you’re not the only one. Like most holidays, the spring celebration has snuck up on all of us, and the proof is in the search bar. Queries for “Easter egg template” and “Easter egg clip art” have been spiking on Google this week (up 250 percent on Monday). If you’re one of those still seeking a few easy ideas to try this weekend, step away from the keyboard and get cracking on these creative solutions. 

Stick to Something Simple

Yayoi Kusama‘s signature polka dot motif has transformed contemporary art, and it’s surprisingly simple to duplicate for this year’s baskets or dinner table setting. Grab an assortment of small, circular stickers (a primary color scheme is ideal) and start layering away to re-create the look.

Style Them With Stripes 

Turns out, there is a $20 tool on Amazon that will basically do the egg decorating for you. The battery-operated bunny-shaped machine spins an egg between its paws so that stripy designs can seamlessly take shape as you or your little ones hold colored markers to the “canvas.” Experiment with shades and patterns by changing the position or pressure of the tip, and even if tiny hands can’t keep perfectly still, you’ll end up with a playfully wavy effect to show off. 

Keep It Crafty With Paper

Photography by Jane Merritt

Want to save your real eggs for the breakfast table but don’t want to rely on the plastic alternatives? Opt for a more eco-friendly holiday and swap them out for paper. The best part: They’ll allow you to skip the hassle of prepping all the dye. Instead, whip out the paint and markers you probably already have on hand and doodle away. (Psst: Let these tiny squiggle designs inspire you.) For an even more sustainable idea, upgrade to a reusable wood version and save yourself the search for many Easters to come.