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Welcome to In Our Carts: a new monthly series in which I’ll be rounding up my and other editors’ favorite new product launches. They’re taken straight from our #editors-picks Slack channel, where our team drops the many press releases that fill our in-boxes. I sort through them for the best of the best. That way, you can read just about the good stuff—nothing more and nothing less. 

Jayson Home and Tensira Drop a Collab

I first came across Tensira’s African textiles on the shelves of RW Guild and was so drawn in by the irregularly dyed fabric and relaxed stripe patterns. Since then, I have closely followed the brand, from its collaboration with Goodee to one more recently with Jayson Home. The collection includes four indigo striped textiles, offered in bedding, table linens, and even the upholstered vintage Alky chair.

Loeffler Randall and Temple Studio Join Forces

I love Loeffler Randall for its footwear, which is why I’m thrilled that founder Jessie Randall has brought her soft, romantic style over to the home market, too. Her fresh collab with Temple Studio was inspired by a recent trip to England’s Cotswolds, where she fell in love with painterly vintage florals. But what you see is only vintage inspired; her skilled in-house team actually hand-painted the prints. 

Ancient Greek Sandals Releases a Tabletop Collection

Loeffler Randall wasn’t the only shoe brand to release home products recently; Ancient Greek Sandals dropped a festive tabletop collection inspired by, naturally, ancient Greek art. If you don’t have the summer-entertaining itch yet, one glance at these colorful painted dinner plates is sure to get you there.  

Fly by Jing Collaborates With Wing on Wo & Co for AAPI Month

Wing on Wo & Co is NYC Chinatown’s oldest purveyor of porcelain (it has been in business since 1925), but it’s cooked up something new for AAPI month: a collaboration with one of our perennial favorites, Fly by Jing. The limited-run set of four blue and white soup spoons will make slurping noodles even more delicious that it already is. 

House of Hackney Debuts a New Marketplace 

Floral patterns are plentiful in House of Hackney’s brand-new marketplace: The Market Garden. In this section of the site, you’ll find one-off pieces from a curated community of small-scale makers, from ceramics to textiles to artworks—all of which are inspired by the garden. 

Taschen Reissues The Book of Marble

If you thought renovating was overwhelming, just wait until you open the pages of Jan Christiaan Sepp’s The Book of Marble. Taschen’s reissue of his 1776 book includes imagery of 570 samples across 100 color plates, and mesmerizing doesn’t even begin to describe the exquisite patterns on these stones.  

Sixpenny Introduces Banquettes

Even the most comfortable dining chair can’t compete with a banquette. While bringing one into your home can feel intimidating, Sixpenny makes it a breeze with its new banquette expansions of existing Olea, Aria, and Gabriel models. As the proud owner of a Sixpenny sofa, I can assure you that the seating is as comfortable as it is good-looking.  

Material Adds a Grippy reBoard to Its Assortment 

I can confidently say that my Material Kitchen reBoard is the most reached-for item in my kitchen; it’s BPA-free, made from recycled kitchen scraps and renewable sugarcane, and happens to be extremely cute on top of that. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, the cutting board is now offered with silicone pop corners, offering “all of the grip, none of the slip.” This will certainly come in handy when I bring home a crusty loaf of sourdough from the farmers’ market.