This New Bedside Phone Charger Doesn’t Interfere With My Nightly Scrolling

And it’s 20% off for Memorial Day weekend.
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Bone white Classics wireless charger on nightstand with glasses and vase of flowers
Courtesy of Courant

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The wireless chargers featured in this story are 20% off this Memorial Day weekend. For more editor-vetted holidays deals, check out our full guide.

While I’ve successfully been able to curb my tendency to eat lunch at my desk every day or put off folding freshly laundered linens for so long that they wrinkle, there’s one bad habit I haven’t yet been able to break—doom scrolling on my phone at night. Despite all the reports revealing how staring at screens before bed can disrupt the quality of sleep, I can’t help tapping through social media and the news while lying horizontal. This “routine” is one of the main reasons I could never get behind the wireless charger bandwagon. Even if it did happen to look supercute on my nightstand, what was the point if I could never use my phone and replenish its battery life at the same time? But after Courant—already a Domino editor–approved brand—announced the launch of Mag:1 (a smaller, spherical version of the cult-favorite Catch, but with MagSafe technology), I’m finally ready to make the switch. If you needed more convincing, it’s included in Courant’s 20% off sitewide Memorial Day sale happening May 23–June 18.

Mag:1 Classics, Courant

$80 $64

Mag:1 Essentials, Courant

$50 $40

With previous models, recharging could feel like a game of chance. If you didn’t place your phone just so on the surface, you’d be more likely to wake up to a dead battery than a full one. But the Mag:1 takes the guesswork out of finding your phone’s charging sweet spot. All you have to do is hover over the disk-like pad for a split second before it snaps right into place (the strength of this scientific attraction is more noticeable without a case). 

In other words, this means I’ll still be able to hold my iPhone above my head (or in any direction) without the charger sliding right off, and its light, low-profile frame means my wrist won’t cramp under too much extra weight. Plus the extra-long 72-inch cable—Apple’s is about half the size at 39 inches—lets me put my extension cord to better use rather than solely allowing this side sleeper to flip from right to left, phone in hand. 

Black version of the Essentials Mag:1 charger in-between a stack of books and two ceramics
Courtesy of Courant

Of course, this isn’t a brand-new innovation, but the company claims it is the first to launch MagSafe-compatible chargers in luxe materials and colors, two and eight, respectively, as well as coordinating cables and frames. There is a catch, though—the full magnetic potential can only be experienced with an iPhone 12 or newer model, and you’ll have to cough up a decent chunk of change. The basic Essentials line will run you $50, with the choice between signature neutrals like camel and charcoal in Belgian linen. I’m personally eyeing the natural white to match my side table and bed frame in similar shades. While I’m also drawn to bone from the Classics line, the price tag doubles for luxe leathers to $80. But if a chic charging station is the goal, Courant’s aesthetics are unmatched. You may not be able to visually enjoy it when charging up, but the Mag:1 nails the design objective of blending in instead of sticking out like a high-tech sore thumb.