Published on November 24, 2018

When it comes to big box stores, Target reigns supreme. The retailer has somehow figured out a way to deliver a trove of well-priced, well-designed home goods, chic clothing, and so much more. That’s why, this holiday season, we’re making Target our first stop when it comes to holiday shopping. From waterproof wireless speakers to chic barware sets, we’re pretty certain we’ll be able to buy something for every single person on our list at one go.

Read on for the awesome gift ideas for all the people in your life.

Toy Doll Farmhouse, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, $149.99

A Chip and Jo-approved doll farmhouse is the perfect gift for the budding designer-at-heart.

Glass Jug Vase Smoke, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, $22.99

Don’t be the person who just brings a standard bouquet to a party. Pair your store-bought florals with a sleek vessel for an elevated finish.

Flamingo LED Novelty Table Lamp,  $18.99

A nightlight that doubles as an accent piece is a decorative staple we can all get behind. We love this cheeky version for its saturated splash of color.

Designlovefest Hardside Carry On Suitcase, $99

Brand new luggage is always a good gift—especially when it’s lightweight, has 360-degree spinning wheels, boasts great organization, and is under $100.

Coasters Natural Acacia with Gold Metal, Set of 4, $9.99

With its modern-meets-rustic scheme, these coasters are a stylish way to protect your table. If you’re looking for a chic stocking stuffer, consider it found.

Essential Cocktail, $15

This all-encompassing compilation of over 150 must-try recipes is ideal for the bartender-in-training. Pair with a bottle of their go-to spirit for good measure.

White Marble With Sheesham Paddle Cheese Board, $30.49

Consider this the perfect gift for a friend who loves to host. Marble detailing gives this kitchen staple a cool hint of sophistication.

Google Home Mini, $49

Yes, it’s possible to get a smart home on a budget. With this Google Home mini, your friends will spend less time at their computers Googling things—since now, they can just ask Google instead.

Geneva Glass Globe Accent Lamp, $37.99

This stylish, modern lamp makes a super cool statement in any home. With the under $40 price tag, the piece will especially pack a big punch.

Elevated Planter, $29.99

This planter is a great home for both permanent plants and more ephemeral flowers. Your giftee can put it in his or her entryway or living room for a sleek accent. And if you really want to go all out, buy a plant too.

Candle Snuffer with Marble Handle, $12.99

A candle snuffer might not be something you buy for yourself, but that’s exactly what makes it a great gift. Instead of taking the time to blow out pesky candles, your giftee can use the snuffer instead. Plus, it will look nice as a decor element sitting out when not in use.

Wonderboom Wireless Speaker by UE, $49.99

You can’t go wrong with a wireless speaker as a gift—especially when said speaker is waterproof.

Marble Tic Tac Toe Game, $29.99

With its minimalist design, this Tic Tac Toe game doubles as decor. It’s a gift anybody will want to keep out on one’s table at all times.

Enamel Tray, $9.99

A sleek pink tray could be the helpful gift your friend needs this holiday season. It will add a pop of color to any space, and keep the surrounding area clutter-free.

Color Block Throw Pillow, $13.99

A fun color-blocked throw can go on a bed, a couch, or even a chair. So, there’s bound to be a great place where your bestie will be able to store it.

Lantern Candle Holder, $24.99

Instead of getting someone yet another candle, try gifting a super cool candle holder instead. This lantern-inspired option is the perfect mix of modern and industrial.