Published on December 11, 2020

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Photography by Alex Cretey-Systermans

Welcome to 10 Things, where we ask our favorite creatives and tastemakers to share what brings joy to their lives (because it might enhance yours, too).

India Mahdavi, the Tehran-born, Paris-based architect and designer, has a thing for ROYGBIV. Known for her brightly hued and oft-Instagrammed projects like the Gallery at Sketch in London, Mahdavi is gearing up for another spectrum-spanning moment next March: the release of her first book, a retrospective of her colorful career. Here, she shares the 10 things that make her happy, from Domino’s Fall Style issue.

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After discovering Alberto Sorbelli’s work, I was immediately struck by his ambiguous visions of flowers, so hybrid they could be mistaken for strange creatures.

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I can’t get enough of the view from my kitchen window. The company Le Vert a Soi created a Persian garden with jasmine, pomegranates, and geraniums that reminds me of paradise.

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The new showroom at 29 Rue de Bellechasse—a volumetric canvas where I can experiment and explore in three dimensions.

This elegant electric Moustache bicycle is my loyal companion on numerous imaginary journeys during lockdown.

Part of why I love this Chanel lipstick is because it’s from the Velvet collection, and velvet has always been one of my favorite materials. It captures and reflects light in a unique way.

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Bugs is a childhood buddy. I bought him at the Paul Bert Serpette flea market on a rainy Sunday, and he has had a special place in my bedroom ever since. His little face melts my heart.

The mid-heel height of these Prada sandals makes for the perfect balance between comfort and style.


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The paint palette I conceived for Atelier Mériguet-Carrère is tried-and-true: I have used these hues, full of light and softness, in many of my signature projects.

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This brass piece, which I purchased from an antiques dealer in Los Angeles, serves as a constant reminder that asking questions is sometimes more important than having answers.

A fair-trade embroidered cushion from my collection with Monoprix brings all the good fall vibes.