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Leave it to an Italian to design a set of plates in the ’80s that still look fresh today—and CB2 to bring them roaring back to the market. The retailer has reimagined a mix of products from Gianfranco Frattini, the famed designer and architect behind such classics as the Sesann sofa and Boalum lighting. It’s a new collection that closely resembles the Milanese’s iconic designs, from case goods and seating to cocktail coupes and floor lamps, with fresh, modern touches.

Frattini, who apprenticed with the legendary Gio Ponti, paired up with all kinds of manufacturers in his day, like Cassina, Artemide, and Ricci (to name just a few), working across furniture, lighting, tabletop, and glassware. In that tradition, the CB2 Gianfranco Frattini collection follows suit—only at a more accessible price point. The prices start at $5 for a stainless steel dessert spoon with a circa-1972 design and go all the way up to $4,999 for a tufted black leather sofa with inset walnut legs.

Find a few of our favorite pieces, below, and click here to browse the full collection.

Set the Table

Pair the rolled-rim dinnerware with handblown wineglasses and the curvy decanter, all originally designed to grace the tables of the chicest 1980s Italians as well as fine dining restaurants. Or bring the small version of the serving bowl to the next dinner party you attend, as a host gift.

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Set the Scene

This quartet of furniture spans decades of Frattini’s career, from the 1950s Meda sofa (called Model 836 when it debuted) to the ’70s mirrored coffee table designed at the same time as the Sesann line. The ’80s saw the modular bookcase and architectural nightstands come to life; today they’re updated with sustainable materials.

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