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They say a rug ties a room together, but we’d argue that a quilt does the job even better. Stitched patterns over block-printed florals and graphic grids in punchy palettes draw the eye in so much so that, as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t really matter what else is going on. 

And they don’t only belong draped over a bed or piled high with other soft throws for chilly nights. One thing’s for certain: The handmade quilts from brands like Studio Ford and Thompson Street Studio (seen in the feature image) are true works of art. If you’re on the hunt for wall decor, you might want to consider hanging one of our picks for an even bolder statement. 

Color-Drench It

Sometimes a stitched grid is all the pattern you need. While Hawkins New York’s is more of an investment, H&M’s $111 option will get you the same vibe for a fraction of the price.

Go Bold or Go Home

Not for the timid decorator, eye-catching textiles are the best way to create a room with real personality. If you ask us, Kotn’s high-contrast quilt is a great place to start.

Put It in Neutral

If switching from a duvet to a quilt already feels like a big move, why not ease into it with a more muted palette? From the earth tones in Coyuchi’s design to the pale beige colorway in Schoolhouse’s popular Stillwater style, there’s a whole world of quiet quilts out there.