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Summer truth: Nothing kills the vibe of poolside hangouts or garden soirees quite like being eaten alive by swarming mosquitoes. But the overpowering scent of citronella or chemical-smelling sprays isn’t exactly the most appealing thing either. 

In the spirit of keeping bugs at bay, we’ve found some tried-and-true repellents that keep the bloodsuckers away from your outdoor hangs—and truly look good doing it. And as a bonus, some of them smell pretty nice.

For the Backyard

Nobody has to know that your party makers also serve a pest-blasting dual purpose. For example, turn on the ambience—and turn away the mosquitoes—with a string of twinkling bistro lights that conceals repellent pods among the bulbs. Or these Calder-like hanging spirals look museum-worthy while they protect your space. If your yard is more sprawling, a smart system you can anchor around the area (and control from your phone) is the best way to win the bug battle. But our favorite comes in a gorgeous (and Marie Kondo–approved) brass holder that looks good even when it’s not in use.  

For a Balcony

A small space easily becomes a no-fly zone when you light up some sleek-looking incense or switch on a mushroom-shaped mosquito fan. For a punch of personality, this wireless diffuser comes in just about every color.

For On the Go

To truly escape those tiny vampires, nothing beats a spritz or smear of repellent right on your skin. When you’d rather pass on the stinky, sticky options, indulge in a mist from a French fragrance brand that masks citronella with notes of geranium and orange blossom—or a swipe from this skin-care company’s latest insect-fighting wipes.

For Wearing

If you’re heading out for a hike or tending to the garden and need protection that you won’t sweat off, you can fight off pests under the cover of clothing that keeps them away. A trendy bandana, gauzy scarf, or bug-shielding blanket doesn’t just act as a barrier—all are infused with repelling agents so you can skip the sprays and stay bug-free in style.