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If You Don’t Feel Like Dealing With Hardware, the Best Floor Mirrors Lean on Any Wall

And they make tight quarters seem twice as big.
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Reading up on Domino’s shopping guides is like having your own personal product concierge. We do the tedious part—deep-dive research, hands-on testing, and tapping experts for advice—so all you have to do is hit “add to cart.” That’s why we call them Simply the Best.

Floor mirrors are a hardworking home accessory that don’t get the due credit they deserve. Aside from the fact you can place them pretty much anywhere—a bedroom, living room, hallway, entryway, you name it—there are plenty of other noteworthy benefits to picking one up. Reflect light? Create the illusion of a larger space? Allow for a last glance at your full outfit before heading out the door? Yes, yes, and yes.

As you’re shopping for one, consider the frame material, height, and look. There are simple wood designs and retro asymmetrical styles, as well as classic arches and vibrant, powder-coated standouts. To help narrow down your options for the decor item, we uncovered the best floor mirrors to suit a range of aesthetic tastes, including a budget buy that popped up in recent celeb home tour. Read on for our top picks.

Our Favorites

Best Minimal: Beautypeak Full-Length Mirror

BEAUTYPEAK Full Length Mirror Standing Mirror, Amazon, Amazon

$120 $83
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Height: 60 or 64 inches | Frame: Aluminum alloy | Includes anti-tip hardware: No

What we like:

  • Self-standing
  • Rectangular yet with slightly curved corners
  • Looks far more expensive than it is
  • Option for LED lights 

Worth noting:

  • Slight distortion

Why we chose it: A celeb-backed Amazon score that’s already a favorite among Domino readers for its simplicity and steal-worthy price.  

Shortly after debuting in RHONY star Brynn Whitfield’s Manhattan apartment and making an appearance in our monthly list of bestsellers, we knew we had to add this buy to our list of the best floor mirrors. You can find it propped up against the wall of the celeb’s bedroom: The bright brass-coated frame contrasts with deep blue-gray paint, fitting perfectly in between two doors. You’d never know it’s now listed under $100 (making it more affordable than our current budget-friendly pick). In fact, plenty of reviewers shared they scooped it up after searching “for a larger full-size mirror without breaking the bank.” Others rave about its luxurious simplicity, sturdy feel (it weighs 24 pounds!), and the subtly curved corners that soften its rectanglar silhouette.

Best Asymmetrical: West Elm Mid-Century Asymmetrical Floor Mirror

Best Unexpected Shape

Mid-Century Asymmetrical Wood Floor Mirror, West Elm

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Height: 65.75 inches | Frame: Eucalyptus wood | Includes anti-tip hardware: Yes

What we like:

  • Surprising amoebalike shape
  • Can be hung in a variety of ways
  • The wood frame is sustainably sourced

Worth noting:

  • Won’t tip, but less of base reaches the floor due to shape

Why we chose it: It’s a little retro, a little modern, and a whole lot cool.

This asymmetrical mirror, inspired by Italian mid-century design, is the moment and won’t melt into any background. Just as functional as it is fun, the wavy motif brings movement to a room, and the substantial height allows for easy glances at your whole outfit (no need to worry about this unique silhouette creating a wonky funhouse effect either). We love it propped against a wall, but if you decide to hang this one, your options for orientation multiply.

Best Chunky: Gustaf Westman Chunky Mirror

Best Selfie Mirror

Chunky Mirror, Gustaf Westman

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Height: 73.23 inches | Frame: Wood | Includes anti-tip hardware: No

What we like:

  • Extra-wide and tall
  • Its design is confident and colorful 
  • Handmade in Sweden

Worth noting:

  • Made to order, with a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks
  • A serious investment piece
  • Prepare to pay international shipping costs

Why we chose it: This cheeky mirror brings life to both your space and your outfit checks. 

If it’s possible to be in love with a piece of decor, that’s what we feel for this mirror. The colorful showstopper isn’t sheepish and would be right at home in any bold space. It deserves to be gawked at by guests, though, so we’d place it front and center in a living room. It’s both wide and tall, with that unforgettable border, so you can nab an OOTD pic with or without the frame in the, well, frame.

Best Windowpane: Home Decorators Collection Metal Frame Classic Floor Mirror

Black Metal Frame Windowpane Classic Floor Mirror, Home Decorators Collection

$339 $237
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Dimensions: 70-by-29 inches | Frame: Metal | Includes anti-tip hardware: No

What we like:

  • The elevated black-metal windowpane frame
  • Can be freestanding or mounted on the wall
  • In-store pickup availability and next-day delivery options

Worth noting:

  • Reviewers note that it is very heavy and can be tricky to mount

Why we chose it: An oversize mirror with an elevated windowpane framework for under $200.

Home Depot reviewers attest that this mirror is oversize, sturdy, and expensive-looking. We love the clean lines of its windowpane-style black-metal frame. Plus the added flexibility of being able to securely move it from wall to floor doesn’t hurt. “This mirror far exceeded my expectations. It’s heavyweight, good construction, and absolutely beautiful,” one reviewer raves. Another describes it as a beautiful dupe for more expensive mirrors: “I wanted to do large mirrors on my living room walls since we had so much wall space and cathedral ceilings. As I looked at some companies, I couldn’t believe how expensive their mirrors were. I was so excited to find this dupe for the ones I wanted that were three to four times the cost of these. The quality is very good, they are sturdy, and they look way more expensive than they are. Very, very happy!”

Best Color Frame: Joss & Main Pink Arch Metal Mirror

Best Subtle Pop of Color

Pink Arch Metal Mirror, Joss & Main

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Height: 67 or 83 inches | Frame: Stainless steel | Includes anti-tip hardware: No

What we like:

  • The slim pink frame is understated and elegant 
  • The 83-by-48 inch option is the largest on this list
  • Superfast delivery—3 to 5 days

Worth noting:

  • Enlist another set of hands on delivery day—it’s very heavy

Why we chose it: This heavy-duty mirror adds the prettiest pop of pink like a piece of art.

It doesn’t matter if you’re outfitting a feminine bedroom or a modern living room, this mirror’s understated pink frame brings a liveliness that any decor setup could benefit from. (It’s also available in black, white, and satin brass, if you prefer.) Though the beautifully arched floor mirror doesn’t include anti-tip hardware, it weighs 56 pounds, so as long as you don’t place it in a high-traffic area, it’s not going anywhere.

Best Budget: Target Walnut Arched Floor Mirror

Best Value

Threshold with Studio McGee Wood Arched Floor Mirror, Target

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Height: 65 inches | Frame: Walnut-finish pinewood | Include anti-tip hardware: Yes

What we like:

  • The most affordable option on this list
  • Slim enough to fit in tight spaces
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy to rearrange

Worth noting:

  • Not the highest quality glass

Why we chose it: This lightweight, budget-friendly favorite is a breeze to move from room to room.

This mirror is an easy “add to cart” decision. Not only do the arched shape and wood frame complement just about any style, but it’s at a good price point, too. (At least when it comes to mirrors.) If you’re the constantly rearranging type, this mirror weighs just 15 pounds, so you can move it from a hallway one week to your bedroom the next. But keep in mind that if you have pets, children, or clumsy elbows, you’ll want to secure this to the wall or keep it in a low-traffic area.

Best Inset: CB2 Acacia Wood Floor Mirror

Best Insert Mirror

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Height: 76.25 inches | Frame: Acacia wood | Includes anti-tip hardware: Yes

What we like:

  • Handcrafted from high-quality wood
  • Adds dimension
  • Substantial height

Worth noting:

  • The whitewash is currently on back order
  • Cannot be mounted

Why we chose it: This stately mirror provides depth and presence to any room. 

We all want an accent at home that is one of a kind, and this handsome option with variegated grains gives that exact feeling without the custom wait time. Here’s betting you’ll have this mirror forever, never tiring of its understated elegance and, of course, ability to add dimension. Weighing 70 pounds, it’s hefty and also handcrafted from solid (and sustainable!) acacia wood.

Best Bobbin: Pottery Barn Naturalist Ball Full-Length Mirror

Best Playful Design

Naturalist Ball Full Length Mirror, Pottery Barn Teen

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Height: 53.25 inches | Frame: MDF | Includes anti-tip hardware: Yes

What we like:

  • Whimsical and lighthearted feel
  • Adds fun texture 
  • Can be hung, if preferred 

Worth noting:

  • The shortest mirror on this list
  • Currently on preorder

Why we chose it: With a frame full of whitewashed wood balls, this mirror instantly evokes a fun feeling.

Design can be seriously stylish without being serious. Take this floor mirror, for instance, which adds a wink of cheekiness. (We especially love the thought of it propped against a wall of a walk-in closet or all-white bedroom.) Note that this is the shortest mirror on our list, so, depending on how tall you are, you may have to back up a bit for a true full-length view.

Best Wood-Framed Wonder

Ashton Floor Mirror, Urban Outfitters

$329 $259
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Height: 67 inches | Frame: Mango wood | Includes anti-tip hardware: No 

What we like:

  • The wood frame is classic
  • Tall but still fits in most spaces
  • Available in 3 washes of wood

Worth noting:

  • If you need to return it, you’ll be charged a 15% restocking fee
  • The wood hue and grain may differ from the photos 

Why we chose it: Beautifully framed in understated mango wood, this one will look good now and forever. 

Whether your decor style veers toward modern, rustic, offbeat, or otherwise, a wood-framed mirror is bound to fit in. This Urban Outfitters design brings a down-to-earth feel no matter what furniture it’s paired with. Since each cut of wood is unique, it has a bespoke quality and is bound to stay in your home for decades to come. While this floor mirror is also available in a black and white wash, only the classic brown made from mango wood is in stock, but it gets our vote regardless.

Best Oversize: Rejuvenation Arched Metal Framed Floor Mirror

Best Oversized

Arched Metal Framed Floor Mirror, Rejuvenation

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Height: 66 or 72 inches | Frame: Brass or bronze | Includes anti-tip hardware: Yes

What we like:

  • A standout design in a substantial size
  • Available in 2 finishes
  • Arrives with white-glove delivery

Worth noting:

  • Too heavy to move on your own
  • Does not wall mount

Why we chose it: This magnificent floor mirror is nearly as wide as it is tall. 

When floor space isn’t an issue (lucky you!), go big and go bold. This mirror will make the room feel significantly brighter—so much light bouncing around!—and significantly bigger, too. It’s also available in a tall and slim version, if that’s more your speed, but we have heart eyes for the wide one. Come delivery day, be sure you know exactly where this mammoth piece will live. The white-glove service allows you to be hands off, but if you want to move it later, you’ll need a friend, since it weighs 110 pounds.

Best for Bathrooms: NeuType Large Full-Length Mirror

Best for Bathrooms

NeuType Large Full Length Mirror, Amazon

$330 $294
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Height: 71 inches | Frame: Aluminum | Include anti-tip hardware: No

What we like:

  • Sleek, simple design
  • Made of shatterproof glass
  • Comes with hanging hardware

Worth noting:

  • Occasionally low in stock

Why we chose it: Thanks to its anti-rust treatment and waterproof materials, this floor mirror is a must for any bathroom. 

Moisture is no match for this mirror. Its aluminum alloy frame is made of waterproof materials that are ultra-durable. What that means: no rust and no warping, even in humid spaces like a bathroom. The frame is thin, too, which is especially helpful in a small space, and since it can be propped up against a wall, this mirror is a good fit for a rental where big holes in the wall are not landlord approved.

Best Slim: The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Floor Mirror 

Best for Slim Spaces

Hinoki Wood Floor Mirror, The Citizenry

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Height: 59 or 70.8 inches | Frame: Hinoki wood | Include anti-tip hardware: No

What we like:

  • Easily fits in tight spaces, like a hallway or entryway 
  • Barely there but beautiful design
  • Handcrafted in Japan

Worth noting:

  • Returns are charged a $65 fee

Why we chose it: It’s simple, it’s stunning, and it fits in any space. 

When square footage is limited, opt for an elongated mirror like this economical design by the Citizenry. At just 14.5 or 18 inches wide, it marries the best of Scandinavian sleekness with Japanese sensibility—and makes for an easy fit in tight spaces. It’s handcrafted in Japan by a fourth-generation workshop (of course it is!), with each mirror taking the artisans more than 10 days to complete. It’s so effortless that when guests compliment it, you’ll be tempted to respond, “Oh, this old thing?”


  • Confession: We’re still daydreaming about the Brazos mirror from the Future Perfect. Its price tag is nothing to scoff at, but its stately design makes it an instant heirloom.
  • Don’t overlook Etsy either. If you’re game to do some digging, we love taking the time to uncover cool floor mirrors at the online marketplace, like this wavy wonder and these asymmetrical cuties, all handmade by artisans.

How We Chose These Products

When shopping for the best floor mirrors—it’s a tough job, huh?—we first turned to brands that consistently deliver home goods made from quality materials. This is a substantial piece of decor that shouldn’t be bought willy-nilly, as the price tags of mirrors can dip into investment territory fast. Case in point: Our favorites range from under $100 to $3,000-plus. We also made sure to find a variety of styles, from wood to metal, but all provide a sturdy feel. And interesting shapes aside from your classic rectangular were a bonus.

Our Shopping Checklist


Style is routinely at the tippy-top of our shopping checklist, and here’s betting it is for you, too. The good news is, there’s no need to skimp on style when it comes to floor mirrors. Our list runs the gamut; for instance, go for a rustic wood frame if your interior leans more farmhouse, or go for powder-coated metals in glossy and matte finishes if contemporary designs routinely call your name.


We hate to break it to you, but size does matter. At least when it comes to mirrors. Too short and you won’t get a good head-to-toe view of your outfit. Too wide and it won’t fit in tight quarters. Our list of the best floor mirrors offers up a variety of widths and heights, so get out your measuring tape to determine the best fit for your space. 


Floor mirrors come in a variety of shapes. Rectangles are classic and so are arched designs. Then there are other silhouettes that don’t take themselves too seriously, from wavy wonders to totally asymmetrical frames. We made sure to include all of the above. 

Ask Domino

Q: How do you secure a floor mirror?

Some floor mirrors, including many of our favorites, include anti-tip hardware (and step-by-step instructions) that will ensure your mirror and the wall keep kissing. If your mirror doesn’t come with a set, you may want to consider buying one separately. Securing the mirror to a wall is always a smart idea, but it is especially important if you have little ones or four-legged friends who may bump into it by accident. 

Q: How tall should a floor mirror be?

There are no rules for size as long as the mirror is proportioned to the room. “It’s important to consider the size of the mirror in relation to the size of the space, as well as the feeling you are hoping to create by introducing a floor mirror,” says Peyton Helsen, interior designer at Rumor Designs. For a subtle glance at your outfit before heading out the door, a slim, understated mirror will do. If you’d prefer a showstopping focal point, go big and bold. Just keep in mind: The shorter the mirror, the more space you’ll need in between you and the mirror so you can get a head-to-toe view. 

Q: Besides a bedroom or living room, where else can I put a floor mirror?

“Floor mirrors can really go in any type of room,” says Julie Brayton, president/lead designer of Brayton Interiors. “They are great in bedrooms for functional purposes, but they’re also nice to add in unexpected places to bring depth and drama.”

Consider the end of a dark hallway. “By placing a floor-length mirror at the end of a hallway, it draws attention and adds visual interest to a typically mundane area within a home,” explains Helsen. She also recommends using a floor mirror to play up a room that offers different wall treatments. “If there is a wall that features wood paneling, wallpaper, or an accent paint color, it can be fun to place a floor mirror on that wall,” she adds. “By doing this, you will see the finishes of the opposite wall reflected, which can help tie the room together.” 

The Last Word

When deciding on the best floor mirror for you and your space, don’t even think about sacrificing style. Mirrors may be an investment, but there are many on the market that are equally functional and cool—and all will remind you that your outfit is so good