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Just a few weeks ago, the only mini blender I knew of was the famous Magic Bullet. While it’s not the most fashionable—As Seen on TV doesn’t exactly scream “chic”—the small but mighty upside-down-style blender has remained popular for years. That’s likely due to the $40 price tag, but there’s something to be said for its petite scale, too. Suited for a single smoothie, the tumbler-size vessel that you can drink right out of is often all a person needs—why have a giant Vitamix on your counter if you don’t have to? Plus a smaller size will do a better job at grinding spices, mincing onions, and chopping vegetables. 

But aesthetically driven cookware brands Our Place and Beast are giving the modern classic a run for its money, finding their own space in the mini blender market with recent back-to-back launches. Spoiler alert: They’re way better-looking than what you saw in that infomercial.  

We put the buzzy new blenders to the test, performing Domino’s first-ever Battle of the Blenders. As we made strawberry-banana smoothies and ginger-miso salad dressing, we kept a close eye (and ear) on each, rigorously jotting down notes. Nine categories later, we selected a winner. Read on to see which comes out on top, fair and square. 

Best in Overall Aesthetics

First off, the texture of the Beast Mini reminds us of glassware we admire (like this and this). We love how the ribbing continues into the grippy TPE covering, too. While Our Place’s Splendor Blender still has some texture, the subtle wavy shape doesn’t compare. 

Both vessels are made of Tritan, a “revolutionary technology that transforms single-use waste into durable, high-performance, food-safe material,” so there’s no difference there. The Beast’s slender and angular form gives it a more modern look overall, whereas Our Place’s chubby, rounded silhouette appears a bit bottom heavy. Lastly, the Beast comes in five colors, while the Our Place comes in four. 


Best in Size

Is bigger always better? The Beast’s vessel is 640 milliliters, and Our Place’s is slightly larger at 750. But there’s a more significant difference in the bases of each, with Beast’s being 4 inches wide and 7 inches tall, and Our Place’s being 6 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall. 

Because someone buying a mini blender is more likely to have a small space, we all agreed that the Beast is a better size, as its slender form can more easily fit on limited counter space. Plus its vessel is closer to the size of an actual tumbler, which feels more natural to drink right out of. And a difference of 110 milliliters isn’t significant enough to alter the smoothie-making process. For reference: If you’re familiar with the standard Beast, the mini is about two-thirds of the size. 


Best in Weight 

Even if they’re both mini, every pound counts. The Beast weighs in at 4.81 pounds, and the Our Place weighs 6.2 pounds. That may not sound like a huge difference, but it was quite noticeable when handling them. While some might like a heavy blender, we preferred the lighter weight, especially since some folks might want to store it in a cabinet when not in use. 


Best in Price

While both are more expensive than the Magic Bullet, neither will break the bank. The entry-level Beast Mini is a strategically priced $99; Our Place’s version comes in at $125. The latter’s add-on kit is $65 more and it includes a 32-ounce pitcher for large-batch blends, a pitcher lid, and a 450-milliliter sauce vessel with a lid. Beast’s Mini Plus upgrade adds just $20 and includes two smaller vessels, each with a storage lid, a drinking lid and carry cap, and a straw cap with two straws. Additionally Beast has a two-year warranty, while Our Place has a one-year warranty. 


Beast Mini Blender Plus products
Our Place Splendor Blender

Noise Level

While they certainly won’t play you a lullaby, you won’t need earplugs for either blender. The Our Place gave off a deeper rumbling noise that sounded somewhat muffled, whereas the Beast had a higher pitch and reminded us more of a vacuum. While there wasn’t a drastic difference between the two, we thought the Our Place was easier on the ears. 

WINNER: Our Place

Easiest to Use 

If you’re looking for a blender with a ton of functions, like puréeing and crushing ice, you won’t find that in either. However, just one button on the Beast accomplished the same as three buttons on the Our Place. Tapping for less than one second makes it pulse, holding it down for more than one second starts a one-minute cycle that automatically repeats, and tapping it again turns it off. 

Instead of trying to remember what each button does on the Our Place (they’re marked with vague symbols), the one button on the Beast felt more intuitive. 


Fastest Blend 

As far as we’re concerned, turning a pile of frozen fruit into a smoothie in 60 seconds is a magic trick. While the Beast is 600 watts, the Our Place is 1,000 watts. So, naturally, its extra power blends faster. However, we didn’t notice a huge difference in speed when blending simultaneously. 

WINNER: Our Place

Easiest to Clean 

And now for the fun part: cleaning. While we love the ribbing on the outside of the Beast, we much prefer a completely smooth surface on the inside. The Beast has plastic ridges that food can get stuck in, requiring a sponge or brush to clean properly. Additionally, the Our Place blade is raised whereas the Beast’s is sunken, giving it yet another place for food to get trapped. Both of the vessels are dishwasher safe, but the blades must be hand-washed. 

WINNER: Our Place

Overall Winner: Beast 

The results are in: Beast’s Mini Blender takes first prize. We prefer almost everything about it over Our Place’s Splendor Blender, from appearance to size to weight. While Our Place’s vessel was slightly easier to clean, faster, and quieter, these differences weren’t dramatic enough to sway us. But one thing’s for sure: Both are light-years better than the Magic Bullet, in all categories. 

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