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If you’re over getting on hands and knees to scour grout lines or hard-to-reach shower corners, DIYer Elena Lohse of This House 5000 has you covered. We spotted her using a nifty battery-powered spin scrubber in a quick video clip on her Instagram feed last week and, needless to say, we had to learn more.

Her video (with 17,000 likes and counting) highlights all the details, but here’s the gist. Thanks to the interchangeable head, you get four brushes in one—oblong, circular, cone, fluffy—now for less than $40. According to the product page, the oblong option is the biggest, and the best, for tackling large areas like an entire floor or shower door. The smaller version of the oblong is for detail work, such as stubborn stains; the pointed cone shape is for tiny gaps and tight corners; and the fluffy head is ideal for curved surfaces. And as Lohse demonstrates, you simply snap the different bristle styles on and off.

47% Off Voweek Electric Spin Scrubber

White plastic Electric Spin Scrubber by Voweek on Amazon
Voweek Electric Spin Scrubber, Amazon ($35 was $60)

But this isn’t the only adjustable feature. You can extend the arm length of the plastic wand anywhere from 25 to 43 inches, which puts ceiling crevices within reach (sans a step stool or ladder). The head also flexes to three different angles: 90-, 135-, and 180 degrees for full coverage. These were both helpful features for Lohse, whose bathroom is covered in subway tile, small hexagonal tile, and itty-bitty grout lines snaking across the entire space. The scrubber does all the work for her while she stays upright. “My shower has never been so clean!” she shares with followers.

She isn’t the only one in love with the tool. Shoppers have been impressed by the long-lasting battery, too. While the brand states it can run up to 1.5 hours without powering down, one user claims they’ve gone three months so far without charging it up. Another attests that, while going at stained kitchen floors, they had to give up before the battery did.

Reviewers have also successfully used it to deep clean their bath mats, baseboards, and even dining chairs. “No more acrobatics when cleaning for me,” one reviewer states. Another adds, “Wish that I would’ve gotten one of these a while ago. This makes cleaning more effective and less time-consuming.” Even a commenter on Lohse’s video shares, “I just got one of these, and not being dramatic…it’s changed my life.” Plus, if you liken scrubbing to ASMR, is the process even really a chore?