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Wanderlust is in the air, and it’s evident by what people are typing into their search bars. Spoiler alert: It’s not “flights to Portofino” or “where to stay in Sicily.” According to a recent report released by Airbnb, a new Mediterranean gem has captured the hearts of globe-trotters. Based on Q1 queries from millions of travelers, the number-one international destination from the U.S. is Mykonos, Greece. And we don’t blame them. 

Known for its homes with crisp white domes and bright blue shutters and picturesque cobblestone streets, the island has major curb appeal. Niagara Falls, Interlaken, and Amalfi were the next most sought-after stays. In case you need more convincing to ditch Italy for its neighboring country, here are a few of the dreamy homes-away-from-home on our summer wish list.

The Curvy One

Cooking isn’t on most people’s to-do list while they’re on vacation, but there’s something so soothing about the chunky countertops in this Cycladic home that you might feel tempted to stay in at night. The cool curves also find their way into the spacious bathroom and outdoor dining area.

The Yellow One

There is no shortage of sunshine in this sweet one-bedroom. As if mimicking the rays sparkling on the sea outside, the happy hue can be found on the doorways, cabinet handles, mirror frames, and even the refrigerator inside.

The Cavelike One

Did you even go to Greece if you didn’t stay within the cavernous, whitewashed walls of a yposkafo? While this style is ubiquitous across the island, we love the spirally stone stairwell, curved banquette, and traditional architecture of the Castle Suite.

The One With the Perfect Ending

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the golden beach just 30 steps away, a sprawling outdoor kitchen and stone pergola are the perfect oases to gather, relax, and refuel. We can almost smell the fresh lemon and grilled branzino now.