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Designer Jeremiah Brent has always had opinions about the objects he surrounds himself with, but now that autumn is officially here, he appears to have some serious thoughts about popular fall decor. More specifically, the fall decor you should be avoiding. In a new Instagram post, he begins by saying he knows his thoughts will be controversial, but that “we don’t all have to agree.”

Then he gets into the list, which starts with flannel sheets. “They stress me out,” he says, noting that they don’t transition well to other seasons. He goes on and says silk plants, popular year-round, are nothing more than “dust collectors.” (He’s…not wrong.)

“I know there are going to be a lot of people mad at me,” he says after revealing that he also doesn’t care for pumpkin-scented candles this time of year. Similarly, he’s not into the color orange. Instead, he prefers “something with a little brown in it, tone-wise,” like terracotta. 

And finally, burlap, or as he calls it, “the modern-day doily,” is a no-go for him this time of year because it’s itchy and it sheds. Whether you agree or disagree, he makes a solid argument against each. But also, we won’t judge you if you reach for Diptyque’s pumpkin candle—we think it’s certifiably chic.

diptyque pumpkin candle
Citrouille Pumpkin Candle, Diptyque ($72)