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If you’re the type to start scouring the Internet for Christmas decor before you’ve even bought Halloween candy, look no further. IKEA just dropped its winter collections and we spotted plenty of festive ideas worth stealing. Sure, we’ve got our eyes on the Yuletide-inspired ornaments and simple yet stylish wrapping paper selection, but what really caught our attention was the plethora of tree inspiration popping up in the catalog images. Whether you’re looking for a way to zhuzh up your fir or barely even have room for one, the Swedish retailer has got you covered with these four fresh ideas. 

Make It Nostalgic 

A go-to for kids’ birthdays and school dances, paper streamers are always ready to party, but draped around the branches of a conifer, the crepey material makes for a surprisingly chic garland. And you don’t have to limit yourself to red and green. We love the idea of layering on strips of pastel polka dots and shimmering metallics.

Go 2D

If you feel like you can never find the perfect pine and aren’t a fan of faux options either, forgo the evergreen for a roll of washi tape. You can create the perfect backdrop for your gifts right on the wall and you’ll never have to worry about constantly vacuuming fallen needles or having to lop off the top of a too-tall option again.  


Pile It On

Attention, small-space dwellers: Let your presents steal the show and keep your floors clutter-free by stacking gifts in a triangular shape against the wall to create a no-tree tree. You don’t even need ornaments—all your packages’ pretty bows and ribbons will feel merry enough on their own. The best part? After the festivities are over, there’s nothing to haul back to storage. 

Let It Snow

For a ridiculously easy and fun way to decorate, grab a handful of craft pom-poms, stand over your greenery, and drop your “snowflakes” onto the branches, letting them fall where they may. Add a simple string of lights or sprinkle the fluffy spheres among the ornaments for a touch of winter whimsy. Either way, the ideal situation ends up in a friendly group snowball fight.