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“Every holiday season is an opportunity to explore nontraditional ways to decorate my home,” says Kelly Wearstler. In 2020 the celebrity designer made a sculptural wreath out of serpentine-like pine branches, hanging it from her ceiling rather than a wall or door. In 2021, she had another avant-garde trick up her sleeve: a levitating Christmas tree. 

No, she’s not a magician. Wearstler sourced sturdy, invisible cord from the hardware store, cut a long length of it, and attached one end to the ceiling with a hook and the other end to a central limb on the tree (she did this on both sides so it didn’t end up tipping). “I would suggest having two or more people to help hang this tree,” she notes. If you desperately want to re-create this scene, it’s important to choose an evergreen that is reasonably lightweight. The heavier the tree, the more cord you’ll need. 

Courtesy of Kelly Wearstler

Even though we now know how her illusion works, a floating tree display is admittedly a little impractical for most. So try her totally doable garland DIY instead. The designer collaborated with Isa Isa Floral to make the tree and this custom decoration, which is really just strung-together dried poppy pods that “add a literal pop to holiday decor,” shares Wearstler. Paint them silver and…voilà! Mini disco balls.