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Affordability, location, and square footage are no longer the only factors apartment dwellers weigh when searching for a new place. In today’s economy, renters are looking for a space they profit from. And Airbnb is feeding the demand with Airbnb-friendly Apartments, a platform that matches renters with landlords who are actually cool with residents being hosts. With the continued rise of rents, the option to earn up to $4,500 annually (the average yearly earning for hosts) is pretty appealing. Since the microsite launched in November 2022, the program has grown from 175 buildings in 25 markets to more than 250 buildings across 37 metro areas. If your city isn’t listed, you can add yourself to the wait list to be notified (or give your landlord a nudge to join so you don’t have to move).  

According to Airbnb, hosts have used the extra income to fund their vacations or simply help pay their bills. Barbara Silva, a host in Brooklyn who rents out one of the two bedrooms in her apartment, says her entire lease is typically covered six months out of the year. She has also used the opportunity to make new friends and professional connections around the world. A word of advice: To maximize your earnings, brush up on the essential dos and don’ts of creating a retreatlike space before you begin your hosting journey. Bobby Berk, interior designer and current Airbnb host, says something as little as the wrong fragrance can completely tank a guest’s experience. 

If you’re planning on a move in the near future, it’s worth considering adding Airbnb-friendly to your list of apartment criteria. Whether you’re looking to offset rising costs of living or eyeing flights for that summer trip to Mykonos, it never hurts to have some extra funds flowing.