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Christian Siriano prides himself on being a decisive creator, so when Sherwin-Williams recently asked him to curate a collection of 30 paint colors, it didn’t take him long to identify his favorites. He goes with his gut. “I know, there are ‘rules’ when you’re painting, but there are also kind of no rules,” says the multihyphenate designer (in addition to continuing to run his luxury womenswear brand, he’s the founder of Siriano Interiors and concept store The Collective West). The assortment is primarily made up of shades of white, gray, and beige with a few anomalies—terracotta!—thrown into the mix. For those who are a little more hesitant than Siriano, never fear: He’s offering a number of his top swatches in peel-and-stick form, that way you can test them out on your walls without committing.

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Ahead, we asked Siriano to reveal his standouts in the collaboration and how he’d implement them at home. 

The One for Your Walls

I like bright, fresh white paint, so I’m really into Pure White. It reminds me of apartments in Paris where, every time we go and show our collection, I’m like, I love this. And while I know most people do a flat finish on the walls, I’m a big fan of a satin finish. It has beautiful coverage. 

The One for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Make sure your kitchen feels warm and homey, even in a modern home. I like the idea of some depth in the kitchen, so Natural White would be really beautiful on cabinetry.

The Crowd-Pleasing One

I’m really into green right now, in clothes and in the home. Silver Tipped Sage is such a gorgeous green, and I hope everybody uses it.

The One for Your Kids

A primary red can look great in clothes (I love a lipstick-red dress), but I think on the wall it can be a little intimidating. An orange-toned shade like this is something fun that’s different and would look great in a playroom. 

The One for Your Front Door

I love a white house with black detailing, but not super-jet-black. After the Storm is one of the darkest colors [I chose]: It’s a blue, but it’s almost black.