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Last year, it seemed like every paint brand out there declared a verdant hue as its color for 2022, from Behr’s Breezeway to Benjamin Moore’s October Mist. And these  soothing shades turned out to be everyone’s top pick (especially when it came to updating kitchen cabinets). But as we look ahead to 2023, companies like Sherwin-Williams are ready to stir things up. Its  next “Color of the Year” prediction? Redend Point, a light, red-toned brown. Yep, brown

Think of this swatch as a more subtle version of the chocolate tones that were über popular in the early 2000s. In fact, in bright daylight, it reads like a mauve-y pink. To showcase the versatile color, Sherwin-Williams has partnered with Etsy on a collection of Redend Point-inspired products, from a throw blanket to a dining table. However, if you want to see how this muted chestnut might actually work in a room, read on for three chic ways to bring a little more brown paint into your life. 

deep beige paint blob
Redend Point, Sherwin Williams

A Warm Welcome

Photography by Liz Kamarul.

Behr’s Toasted Bagel stars in muralist and interior stylist Liz Kamarul’s New Orleans entryway. By keeping all of the wood trim white and laying down a textured, neutral rug, she ensures the hue never feels too dark or overbearing. 

Always Classic, Never Boring

Courtesy of DeVol.

Brown may not be a common choice for kitchen cupboards ( beige has always been a much more popular pick), but it can bring in the warmth that so many neutrals are missing. British brand DeVol agrees, and its designers even formulated a custom mix of chocolate brown and forest green to create the statement lower cabinets in the space pictured above. 

Join the Drama Club

Photography by Belle Morizio; Styling by Getteline Rene.

In Madelynn Furlong’s New York City apartment, all four walls in the content creator’s bedroom are painted a muddy hue (Toasted Marshmallow by Benjamin Moore, to be specific), with bedding and curtains to match. “It’s like caramel overload, right? Some people hate it,” says Furlong. “I think it’s super fun and sexy.”