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Every era has its fan-favorite material, whether it’s the black granite of the 1990s or the Carrara marble of the 2010s. But the thing about the trend cycle is that when one comes in, another fades from view. According to a study by Atlas Ceramics, the tile styles everyone is ready to say goodbye to this year are arabesque (the scroll-like one often seen in traditional Middle Eastern architecture), fan (aka fish scales), and form (one that mimics the look of large stone slabs). After analyzing Google keyword searches across the globe from 2020/21 and 2021/22, the company discovered that inquiries for these looks have decreased 27 percent, 25 percent, and 24 percent, respectively. 

So what will replace them? The study shows that three particular types are on the rise: ceramic, mosaic, and porcelain. Beloved for their durability (and in ceramic’s case, budget friendliness), all three styles have garnered more than a million Google searches since this time last year. 

However, despite the data, we still have a soft spot for one of these so-called out-of-fashion styles. If you guessed we’re referring to fish scales, you’d be right. The small arched shapes add instant texture and architectural interest to an otherwise boxy room. Take a note from designer Elina Mussakulova’s recent project in Kazakhstan and opt for a neutral beige to keep the scalloped pattern from feeling overwhelming. (Psst: You can always save the leftover pieces for your baseboard trim.) For a maximalist take, spice up a teen bathroom with a two-tone option à la Raili Clason. Fully commit to the nautical look with coordinating swooping brass lighting and half-circle vanity drawer pulls.